Nearly every time you are trying to manifest, the difference between achieving your desire or not, is getting focused. Yes, it is absolutely true, that getting focused and also staying focused, is really that powerful!

Here is an incident that illustrates my point. My mother once told me a story of my brother when he was a very little boy. She said that one day, she was out shopping with him when he was just an infant. He was half-dozing in his pusher and enjoying the outing, when his eyes suddenly lighted on a basket of big purple grapes on a stall on the opposite side of the road. He immediately pointed to them affirming loudly "Grapes".

My mother had no intention of buying the grapes because they were out of season, imported, and exorbitantly costly. Also,being of firm resolve, she did not intend to give in to every whim of her two year old. My brother, George, starting bouncing up and down and with a stretched finger, pointed to the grapes again. My mother calmly continued on her way undisturbed, unhindered by his agitation. By this time his head had turned almost at right angles as the huge bunch of purple grapes protruding from the basket began to recede into the background.

My mother, thinking she could distract George from his focus, decided to pass by the ice-cream shop. She stopped, and tried to wean him away from his desire by pointing to the enticing array of ice-cream in the ice-cream man's cart. George's body was completely distorted now, as he continued to stare fixedly at the distant grapes. His gaze never left them. My mother tried in every way, to get him to choose an in ice-cream, but he would only say "Grapes." She then continued along the shops with her little boy, still contorted in the pram, staring at the fruit stall. This continued, for over two hours as my mother wended her way along the street crowded with stalls and vendors.

You might be wondering if my mother eventually gave in to George. No she certainly did not! You might ask, if this article is about the importance of getting focused and this is an example of getting focused why didn't he get the grapes?" The amazing thing is that he did! He did not get the grapes from my mother either. As it happened, she had to pass the shop with the grapes on the way home. She was, however, wary enough to walk on the other side of the road. As she passed the fruit shop, George, who had not lost his focus for a minute, shouted and pointed to the grapes again. "Grapes. Want grapes," he shouted at the top of his voice, and yet again "My grapes."

It was then that a well-dressed, elderly gentleman, who had been observing the whole scene from a distance, came up to my mother. "Excuse me," he said. "Would you mind, if I bought some grapes for your little boy?" My mother looked at him, nonplussed. "Why ever would you want to do a thing like that?" she asked in surprise. He said," I have been watching your little boy for over an hour and I think that if anyone wants something that badly, then he should have it." My mother was even more nonplussed but she looked at George who was nodding his head vigorously and clapping his chubby palms together in delight, and finally agreed.

It is obvious, that George got his grapes, because of getting focused and staying focused. Now, of course, he was not trying to manifest, but the way he firmly held on to his desire is analagous to when we are manifesting. He was not tempted away from his goal by minor desires, and he never, for one minute, lost his focus.The Universe, granted this desire, and not in the way, one may have imagined, but through a completely different channel. Yes, a totally different channel, supplied his desire at that moment.

The key to achieving the things we want in life is definitely "getting focused," and this applies specifically to manifestations. Put this into practice. Do not let yourself get deviated by any second-best solution. Getting focused and keeping focused are primary factors in manifesting any desire you yearn for and will give you success in any area of your life.

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