Past life regression is the practice of going into a trance state and being lead back through time until the subject arrives at another place and time than their current life would allow. Through this process it is believed that people can remember their past lives and several people have given startling accurate details on lives that are have been fact checked.

The connection to having past lives requires a belief in reincarnation. This means that your soul or some ethereal piece of you is born again and again into different human bodies. There are many religious groups across the world that believes that after death there is a period of resting and then rebirth. According to some of these groups each lifetime build upon the previous one. Mistakes or wrong doings that might have been done in one lifetime will be paid for karmically in another.

Some groups also believe that we have the opportunity to reincarnate into other life forms beyond human and maybe some life forms could serve as a type of karmic punishment for someone who was especially bad or dangerous during a former lifetime. With reincarnation the possibilities are endless.

Using karma as a reason to discover past lives, many people seek out past life regression therapy to help them see where wrong doings from the past might be causing trouble in their current life time. The thought behind this is if we are aware of the negative karma that we might have created we can do something about it to help improve karma, but according to some belief systems karma is karma and there is nothing that can be done about it. All things come back.

Often people will notice a cycle in their lives. For some it might feel like they get stuck in the same situation over and over again. Breaking these cycles is important to human development, but breaking these cycles can be hard work to do. There is where past life regression therapy can help. By finding out the origin of these cycles, which might have happened in past lives, can help to break the cycles and bring a healthier lifestyle.

Working with a hypnotherapist you can be lead into remembering your past lives through deep hypnosis. Hypnosis allows your conscious mind to relax; which bring your subconscious mind into the forefront. It is believed that the keys to your past lives are held in the subconscious. Through hypnosis you are able to regress back through this lifetime and tap into the energetic imprints that are connected through your past lives.

This process is done much like a typical hypnotherapy session. You will be asked to relax and lead through a series of breathing exercises. The hypnotherapist will then lead you though an induction which takes you to a place of deep relaxation. It is at this point that the hypnotherapist will guide you back in time. If you know the time frame you want to visit they might guide you to a specific time and place, but if you don’t have this information they will allow your subconscious to seek out the place where your current imbalance was created.

Once you are there the hypnotherapist will give you time to explore the landscape and situations of your life. All through this process you will be able to communicate with your therapist and end the session at any time if it gets too emotionally difficult. The hypnotherapist will then help you to bring that information forward into your current lifetime where you can heal it.

It is important to know that not all hypnotherapists will do past life regression work. If you are interested in doing this intense healing process it is best to seek out a hypnotherapist that is a specialist in this field. It is also suggested that you not do this work on your own as you don’t know what you might encounter on your journey and having a trained professional there who can help you deal with the information could be vital to your emotional well being.

The more knowledge you have about who you are the more power you have. By learning about your karmic patterns you can work to make healthy changes in your life. With these changes you can become a more balanced individual.

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