Do you ask yourself questions such as: "Why am I here", "Who am I", "Is this it", "What is my life purpose", "Is this all there is"? Hypnotherapy is a wonderful process to help you find the answers you seek and so much more by allowing you to reach inside and communicate with your inner-self. Many people still perceive hypnotherapy as being a limited function for stop smoking or public speaking, little realising the wonderful true potential it provides for healing as hypnotherapy helps to get to the core of your soul and essence.

An experienced and suitably trained Hypnotherapist can work on a deep level unique to you incorporating the mind, body and spirit allowing you to discover your truth and life purpose and enabling you to live an enhanced life.

As many people ask me what is Spiritual Hypnotherapy and can it help them I decided to put together some common questions. Please do let me know if you have any more, will be happy to answer them!

How can Hypnosis help with spirituality?

Hypnosis is a natural state and with the aid of an experienced Hypnotherapist you will be able to enter the state much more deeply with relaxation.

Once relaxed, the Hypnotherapist will guide you with visualisation and imagery to help you to access and reach inside to your inner wise self, that part of you that knows all, accepts and loves you for who you are.

Do I need to be religious to experience spiritual hypnotherapy?

No matter what spiritual path you have decided to follow, if indeed any, spiritual hypnotherapy is open to people from all faiths. Spirituality is a different energy to religion as it is the inner path which enables a person to discover the essence of their being. In this space, there are no judgements, no prerequisite of faith or belief systems. All you need is an open mind to receive the power of healing.

What is Spirituality and healing?

Spirituality is the search to the ultimate reality, a path to discover the essence of your being, your true self, to discover the true purpose of our consciousness. Although we may experience a range of emotions each day, this true self remains the same, is non-judgmental, wise and loving and compassionate.

In this space healing can be achieved with love, compassion, guidance and fears and pain melt away. By going to your spiritual core, your inner self allows you to move from negativity, pain and hurt and transform into the person you know you can be deep within.

Imagine how lighter you would feel emotionally and physical if let go and realised your full potential.

What can be achieved?

Spiritual hypnotherapy helps to create awareness and understanding of your purpose and path in life. Receive guidance from your guides. Heal a past life. Understand your inner self and the world around you with much more clarity. Learn to listen to your heart and soul and know your truth, your core as you begin to realise that you have the access to all the answers.

People often report back that they received profound messages, love and guidance not only from their inner self, but also from guides or spiritual beings and received answers to their personal questions.

Allow Spiritual Hypnotherapy to help you reconnect with yourself and be one with spirit to move forward in your life and follow your path, your future and your life purpose.

Author's Bio: 

Linda is a Hypnotherapist in London helping people to create the life they want to live, and to overcome blocks, issues and problems they face in life.