When signal strength is an issue, solve the issue or just learn to live with it. On a commercial scale, however, several solutions are available to improve signal strength and provide uninterrupted service to users. Installing these services becomes a must to ensure unhindered productivity. Depending on the intensity of the problem, different services are available to solve the problem. Distributed antenna system is the most preferred solution to overcome all signal barriers. As today's worlds are more inclined to use telephones to communicate voice and data to landlines, good signal quality is becoming an important service.

DAS - tailor-made solutions

Distributed antenna systems - Usually, the densely populated areas like hospitals, university campuses and airport terminals are some places where connectivity matters. Indoor DAS addresses issues that arise within the premises. Several architectural factors prevent the range of the signal in the buildings. The most common causes are shadows of signal range, reinforced steel used in the construction and reflective glasses. DAS installation is performed with precision and care for greater range of signals on site. Many times, these networks of antennas are connected by fiber optic cables.

Outdoor DAS - reach the most remote places

During the installation of outdoor DAS, the entire area is inspected and a strategy is developed. Extra care is required to camouflage external antennas to protect them from damage. An expert installation service provider may even offer suitable nodes for better coverage than operators. The location of nodes or antennas is important to get a complete system. The use of cellular repeaters and antennas provides the best combination. The frequency range adjustment is a crucial aspect. Depending on the installation site and the coverage area, the total number of antennas and the capacity of the individual antenna are determined. Connections are not a problem if you have practical solutions to operate yourself.

Forget wires - enjoy the freedom of wireless solutions

Cutting that clumsy net of wires is today’s call. Today, organizations need solutions with a wider range and installation of wireless solutions to provide seamless connectivity. Wireless solutions can be installed on the premises and even outdoors. The obvious need for connectivity is forcing more companies to break away from wiring. For example, the seaside resort needs WI-FI access throughout the room. Therefore, these commercial companies benefit from the installation of wireless connection. https://www.teleco.com/cellular-das/

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Make sure all of the above features are available before placing a purchase order on the radio frequency distribution system / equipment.