All creations, except human beings, have no choice and will power. Human beings own a free fortitude through which he can or cannot produce his charm. He is an energetic donor in his growth. He is unrestricted to obtain or discard Divine assistance and command. Islam retains the discrete answerable for making himself for a progressive life after death. Of course the character does not relish comprehensive and immeasurable freedom.
The world around him forms and confines his activities. It is the accountability of society to deliver odds of self-development to its connections. Personality or self is no indecision placed in the bodily attendance, but it is not equivalent with it. Man is positively more than his attraction regarding bodily which changes frequently. Human intelligence helps little in the material, because it is not aware of any foundation of knowledge than itself; so it gives position to the experienced impression of life. According to this view a human being is instinctive, brought up, eats, slumbers, falls sick, goods and then perishes. This, essentially, is animal life according to the Holy Quran for which he wishes no Divine course and, accordingly, does not give any location to life after death but the holy Quran holds that human being is not merely a physical presence, he is composed of somewhat else in adding his build. Similarly, through Umrah and Hajj, we can also recover our personality and for it Umrah Packages are reachable.
It is the human self or human charisma, which is not genetic by him in a fully developed state. It occurs in a dormant form and its growth is the final drive of human life. Man, when he has fashioned children, has not satisfied his drive of outset. He is not an insufficient tool for the defense of his race. He holds a personality and the self does not produce it’s comparable.
The self’s deed is original and not pro-creative. It makes values which recover and expand its nature and upsurge it in the state of occurrence. He cannot be prescribed to grow his charm. The expansion of an individual’s attendance is ruled by certain physical instructions, but the development of his character is theme to an unlike set of rules which have been given to men from time to time through the Divine depiction.

Character is also persuaded by acquiring understanding through teaching, knowledge and repetition. That is why, the Quran terms those who do not observe and consider as beings inferior than animals. Animals have no personality. Their existence and company is natural and is obvious in their physical development and later are not answerable to anyone. A lion or crocodile is never suspected with murder which is the lowermost of all human movements. One marked change raises man above all growths in the way of growth of the self from that of the form. The physical body cultivates by taking and assimilating from the surroundings. Its progress depends upon the amount of food it gets. Contrariwise, the human self-cultivates not by enchanting, but by bringing.

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