All creations, except human beings, have no option and choice. Human beings possess a free determination through which he can or cannot grow his character. He is a vigorous contributor in his development. He is free to receive or reject Divine assistance and supervision. Islam keeps the separate answerable for preparing himself for an advanced life after demise. Of course the personality does not relish complete and infinite liberty.
The world around him forms and confines his doings. It is the responsibility of society to provide chances of self-development to its associates. Personality or self is no uncertainty placed in the physical presence, but it is not equal with it. Man is certainly more than his character regarding physical which alters continually. Human intellect aids little in the substance, because it is not conscious of any basis of knowledge than itself; so it gives position to the worldly idea of life. According to this notion a human being is born, brought up, eats, sleeps, falls sick, produces and then expires. This, actually, is animal life according to the Holy Quran for which he wants no Divine direction and, consequently, does not give any position to life after demise but the holy Quran holds that human being is not simply a physical existence, he is collected of somewhat else in addition his physique. Likewise, through Umrah and Hajj, we can also improve our character and for it Umrah Flight are accessible.

It is the human self or human character, which is not hereditary by him in a fully industrialized state. It happens in a latent form and its growth is the ultimate purpose of human life. Man, when he has produced children, has not contented his drive of conception. He is not a meagre tool for the protection of his race. He holds a self and the self does not cause it’s similar.
The self’s action is original and not pro-creative. It generates values which improve and enlarge its nature and increase it in the state of presence. He cannot be enforced to develop his character. The development of an individual’s presence is ruled by certain physical rules, but the growth of his character is subject to a dissimilar set of rules which have been given to manhood from time to time through the Divine expose.

Character is also inclined by acquiring wisdom through teaching, knowledge and practice. That is why, the Quran terms those who do not perceive and ponder as beings worse than beasts. Animals have no character. Their survival and presence is natural and is evident in their physical growth and later are not responsible to anyone. A lion or crocodile is never alleged with killing which is the lowest of all human actions. One marked difference raises man above all developments in the way of expansion of the self from that of the body. The physical body grows by taking and integrating from the environments. Its progress depends upon the quantity of food it gets. Conversely, the human self-cultivates not by taking, but by delivering.

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