Divorce After 2 Years Separation: Does A Separation Have To End With A Divorce

If you are asking yourself how to stop divorce and save marriage after separation, you are not alone. Divorce is never an easy thing to do. Aside from hurting the feelings of the couple involved, it also breaks the heart of the friends, relatives, and family members of the wife and the husband. As you think about this, you have probably realized the effort and time that you spent in building up a family and a relationship. Many times, people think that once the spouse starts thinking about divorce, it's already hopeless. The tips outlined in this article will give your some ideas and answer your question how to stop divorce and save marriage.

Time is important in any kind of relationship, not just in marriage. Successful relationships do not automatically happen after marriage. You must invest time and effort into building a good relationship. Spend time with your spouse. If you must, sacrifice some of your hobbies so that you can have "quality time" with the person you married. This means spending time only with your spouse, not including the children. Many times, couples escape confrontation by spending less time with each other. Have courage and face your spouse. Having time alone with each other is the only chance that you have to discuss the issues that you have with each other.

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Marriage is not all about romantic love. If you are thinking how to stop divorce and save marriage, then be a friend to your spouse, too. A lot of times, love can fade away but the friendship that bonds you together will keep you staying until the love has come back. If there is no friendship, then the relationship can easily crumble once problems arise. Listen to your spouse with understanding and love. Put down your pride and hear what your spouse has to say. Talk about your issues in a manner where both of you can explain his or her side, and learn how to accept responsibilities towards mistakes, instead of constantly defending yourself. Apologize if you did something wrong, and accept an apology without blaming your spouse for his or her wrongdoings.

Bring the spark of romance back. Romance is not always equal to sexual interaction. Oftentimes, romance can be found in simple things such as a relaxing back rub, taking a bath together, and doing activities that you both enjoy. It doesn't have to be an expensive trip to a faraway island. Fly a kite together. Cook meals, eat together and help each other clean up the kitchen. Hold hands while walking. It might feel awkward at first because you have spent so many years being apathetic towards each other, but do it anyway. You will notice that as you start spending more time together, the excitement in seeing each other will come back. You will start to associate each other with fun and enjoyable activities instead of dreaded confrontations.

It takes time to heal, but if you are patient with each other, you will eventually bring back the sweet relationship that you had when you first met each other. Have determination and you might bring the life in your marriage back, and most importantly, take your action to answer your own question how to stop divorce and save marriage.

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If you and your spouse just had a fight, you may start asking questions why you married him or her. That would actually be a normal reaction, especially if you let your emotions take the better of you. It is always best to be calm at all times, since you might be able to do or say something that you would regret later on. Happy marriage does not mean that a husband and wife do not disagree and fight. It simply means that they know how to go with the flow of things, and they know how to take care of their relationship. If you think that your marriage is not that healthy today, then it is best to check out this marriage advice.

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind in order to make sure that your marriage would be successful. For one, whenever you and your spouse end up with an argument on certain things, you need to be the first one to calm down even when you know that you are right.

On the other hand, if you later on realize that you were wrong, you need to swallow your pride and admit it. Your spouse would not just be happy that you are strong enough to admit that you were wrong, but he or she would also be proud of you for doing that. More importantly, your husband or wife would even respect you more since you are able to display honesty, rather than stubbornness.

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If you want a married life that is happy most of the time, then you should always see the positive side of things. If you try this out, you will soon realize that you will begin to feel really good, even when it is constantly raining outside, when your luggage gets lost, and so on. When you become more upbeat on things, your spouse would also be able to adapt this, since he or she will also realize that life would be better if you always think positive about it.

Sharing funny stories would also make your married life better. Whenever you go to work, in most cases, there would be an officemate of yours, or even you, who would do something funny. Aside from that, when you are having your break, you might see something on the television that is hilarious. When you go home, do not forget to share those moments with your spouse. When you do that, you will be able to encourage a happy atmosphere inside your house.

This marriage advice is worth taking note of if you want to have a happier life with your spouse. Don't forget that taking a trip during holidays, special days, and such would also improve your relationship, and you should not stop doing these things even when you grow old.

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A great psychologist once said: (It's easier to see the straw in the eye of the neighbor than the beam in one's own eye.) In fact, the visible straw in the neighbor's eye is often only the projection of the beam that is in one's own eye. This means it is easier to decry the defects of others when, in fact, it is our own defects that we see into the others. Especially within the couple.

Saying that our partner is a mirror copy of our own self can be interpreted in two ways. Our partner is a reflection of ourselves in line with what we hate or love about our self, or, conversely, our partner is a negative copy of ourselves, which is ultimately the same. For example, if we are adamant we criticize the intransigence of our partner. If instead, we are lax, we also criticize the intransigence of our partner. Another example: if I'm passionate, I will love the passion of my partner toward me. What makes some say that I like myself or hate myself, through the other.

Emotional Intelligence

That's why domestic disputes are so significant. When I blame my partner for not understanding and refusing to accept my point of view, this means, paradoxically, that I myself refuse to understand and accept that my partner may have a different point of view than mine. In the happy couples, the differences of view are accepted as such: as differences, period. These differences can even be used as a resource. In unhappy couples, the non-approval of my views by my partner is regarded as evidence of non-love or in bad faith. This, in fact, is my own projection. To continue to love our partner, even if we do not agree on a point of view (about money, children's education, sexuality, etc..), Requires a high emotional intelligence. It is in this sense that our partner is considered as our mirror. Someone independent, well centered, in control of her emotions, will never form a couple with a dependent person, off-centered and impulsive, rather she will seek a person emotionally as intelligent as she.

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We must be two

You have to be two to tango... A person sure of herself will want nothing less than a partner who assume himself also. The fusional, or emotional individual, will inevitably choose a fusional or emotional partner. Conversely, the good little boy will team up with a good little girl and both will probably live a quiet life. The timid will be coupled with an anxious until the day when she will be accused of being dreadful. The sickly altruistic woman will be manipulated by a selfish narcissistic partner until she rebels. The childish man will will find a wife-mother to care generously for him until he finally suffocate and leaves. The exploiter will coupled with a (gentle bland person) to form a sadomasochistic dynamic duo and he will dearly pay any semblance of independence. The submissive woman marry systematically with violent men. The criticizing women will caused her partner to eventually shut himself in silence.

The good partners

The happy couple's are generally formed by a selfless selfish man with a selfish selfless woman both able to say: (Darling when I'm with you, I'm happy. My happiness does not depend on you, but I chosed you and accepted you as you are to accompany me in the realization of my dreams and projects which I hope are the same as yours. I love you.)

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Marital problems begin with wrong choice of spouse. The destiny of a family begins with the type of spouses that come together in marriage. When two incompatible people start a family, it will take extra grace of God to sustain such marriage till the end. The spouse you choose to live with can either make or mar your marriage.

Compatible partners do not just happen; the wisdom of God is required to make it happen. The bible says a prudent wife comes from God, (Proverbs 19:14). Men's wisdom may take you somewhere, but only the wisdom of God can take you to the end. If human ability did, the survivors are the only ones to recount how they sweated to endure rather than enjoy it.

Many parents-in-law contest their children's marriage because they were not given the opportunity to choose for them. They become thorns in the lives of the young couples that have chosen to live together because they feel it is their parental rights to choose a spouse for their child. Most reasons behind their rejections, especially daughter in-law by mother in-law range from differences in socio-economic status, educational background, culture, age, religion, race, tribe, family background, personal interests to other personal and selfish reasons. These reasons are human and unfounded in God.

However, some of their reasons could be genuine because parents have a responsibility to guide their children in the way they should go. I didn't say 'choose' but 'guide'. But they must guide in accordance with God's established standards because He alone is the bond in every successful marriage. Parents need not impose their choice on their children because they will not be the one to live with the spouse in question though they have a stake in the new home. If after they have objectively counseled their children according to God's Word and there is no positive result, they should let them be. It is not enough to become a thorn in the marriage in which they are not directly affected. Every new marriage is a unique entity and should be allowed to be so. Keep praying for their success and see if God would intervene in their affairs.

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Good parents actually start preparing their children for marriage from their formative years. God instructs parents to bring up their children in the ways of the Lord so that when they grow up they will not depart from it. If any parent wants to have significant input into their children's marriage they should start from their formative age. When you prepare them in the ways of the Lord they will make the right choice when the time comes. It is either you start early or wait for the repercussions of your poor parenting skills.

Children must also listen to the voice of reason from people who know better about marriage. God commissioned the pastors and parents to build up the young ones to follow after His command. Their guidance has a big role to play in choosing the right partner in life. Before children make the greatest mistake of their lives, they must listen to them except their ways are off God's standards. Your wrong choice in marriage could ruin a destiny and a whole generation in our short earth life.

Peer group influence could be a significant factor on both sides. I have seen some cases where Royal kings try to impose wives on their princes just because the girl is his friend's daughter or child of a fellow king and I have also seen children marry each other because of mundane reasons. If you don't watch who you follow you may follow them into the grave.

Both parties must be very careful in this regard because the destiny of a generation is being decided upon. It should not be toyed with because of selfish or personal interest. Marriage is not really about you alone, but about the generations God wants to birth through you. Be consumed with God's interest rather than yours. Let God's desire, honor and glory be paramount to every stakeholder on this matter. When God's interest is your interest, He will guide you in the right direction because He has promised to give you the best things in life, including prudent wife to those who seek the kingdom first.

The destiny of a new family begins with the type of spouses that come together in marriage. The spouse you choose to live with impacts on how successful it will be. Therefore, all stakeholders involved must be careful in their decision making process.

God is the bond and key to any successful marriage. For it to be successful He must be consulted via His Word. If you ignore God it means you have chosen to live with the troubles that accompany it alone.

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