“Oh my God! You did it again!!” That thing you said you were going to stop doing! You remember don’t you? Very clearly, after the last time you chewed yourself out and fitfully forgave yourself, you declared that you “would-not-do-that-again”....and there, you just did it?

Why is change so hard? Why can’t we just stop doing what we don’t want to do, and begin doing what we do want to do? Because. it is hard, right?

Exercise often, eat right, speak kinder, listen more, save money, judge less, practice patience, find balance, love yourself, be better...!

Would you believe the answer to your non-success lies in a single word? That the biggest hurdle you have, keeping you from doing and achieving what you want, is in a single word that you use regularly?

This word is, hands down, the biggest culprit behind your unchanging ways. It has nothing to do with your worth as
person, your ability, your education, or where you are from. This word alone is the reason that getting and having what you want is so hard for you. It is what keeps you at a constant arm lengths distance from more success. And, I bet
you don’t even realize how often and well you use it?

I know, I used to use this word all of the time. And those were my hard years. Those were the years where everything I went for was so hard. My marriage, my business, my weight, my money. None of it came easy.

However, when I became wise to this word’s disruptive ways I did the only thing a DIY person would do. I Dropped it. I Deleted it. I Declared it a non-word in my very deliberate and intentional vocabulary and speech.

And guess what? Don’t hate me. But now, my life is easy. Really. Yes, I have a lot going on, a lot to do, a lot to create, a lot to change, but it all comes quite easy, and dare I say, fun, to me. Honest.

You can have it easier and more fun too. But you have to choose for that.

Changing this one single word will have tremendous impact on enabling you to deliberately change the thinking and the
actions, you say you want to, and allow the intended outcomes you say you want more than anything else.

The word? It’s hard to say. Because this word makes things that don’t have to be hard, hard! In fact, the minute you put this hard word in the same sentence of the change you want, you have instantly created the struggle, the ‘hard’-ness of any easy success for you.

Have you figured it out yet? The word? It is Hard. No, Hard. That’s the word.

Including the word ‘hard’ in any statement of want or need, immediately renders the accomplishment or possibility of it - harder. I hear it all of the time in my newer clients speech and in people all around me: “I want to find a new job, but it is so hard”, “I know I should exercise more, but it’s hard to find the time”, “I know I should do it, but
saving for retirement is hard”.

‘Hard’ is not an actuality. Running a 5K seems hard for one person and quite easy for another. Asking for a raise,
running your own business, remaining calm during conflict with your spouse, all are judged or considered differently
by the person doing the task. Therefore, hard is nothing but a perception. An opinion. A judgement. Not a true or factual statement. ‘Hard’, in and of itself, does not exist!

So, let’s do something about this. It’s DIY time. Be Deliberate and Intentional! Choose right now, to either replace the word HARD with the word EASY, when talking about future actions and goals, or simply drop the word hard from your vocabulary, fully and completely.

THIS is easy to do. (You are actually asking of yourself to NOT DO (something). How much easier can it get?

Do this for a week, a month, a year, and let me know how it goes for you.

You can do it!

Author's Bio: 

Laura Burkey is a Thought, Behavior and Communication Coach and Relationship expert.  She works with clients to detect and delete 'belief-to-behavior' cycles that keep them from achieving the change and results they really want and enables them to program smarter thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that will support their success long term.   Laura's coaching is honest, straight forward, compassionate and 'results' focused!   She can be reached at http://www.lauraburkeycoaching.com