In order to acquire and maximise your success in life, hold on to it and build upon it, you must first need to understand the true origin of your personal power.

The origin of all power comes from your consciousness. It is the first and most vital area for anyone to understand if they are to realise their full potential!

Since our ancestors broke out of their 'animal mentality' and became fully conscious, thinking, reasoning beings we have made massive, unique strides in our evolution. Science and industry have pushed back the barriers of limitation and continue to do so at an alarmingly faster rate! They have changed the whole world and all of our lives! But at the core of these amazing achievements lies the power of human consciousness!

Let's take a look at where that power comes from.

You view the world through your physical senses. But it is your consciousness that determines what your personal reality is through your own individual interpretations of that sensory data.

All that you know of your life and the world comes through your senses, but it is your unique consciousness that puts the labels and meanings on that information to give your view of the world. Therefore it can be said that all you know of your life and the world comes from your consciousness! And that is totally unique and individual!

However, that uniqueness and individuality is your own personal view of the world. Consciousness, in its essence, must be identical throughout the universe.

Let me put this into some form of context for you.

An ocean is made up of many trillions upon trillions of water molecules. They combine together to make seas, oceans, rivers and lakes. All of which are different forms of the same thing. But the interesting point to note is the fact that every individual molecule of water is identical in form! The only difference is one of quantity! One drop of rain is no different to an entire ocean of water, except in the quantity!

One spark of consciousness is identical to every other spark of consciousness. And together our individual consciousness makes up a greater 'ocean' that must be identical in form!

This thought has led many to believe that there is some higher cause or greater consciousness that pervades the universe. But the truth of the matter is that we are all part of that same consciousness, in the same way a drop of water is part of the entire ocean.

Napoleon Hill called this great force 'Infinite Intelligence' in his classic book "Think and Grow Rich".

Without putting forward any argument for or against any particular religion, this concept seems to make sense! I don't particularly follow any God or Prophet, but I do understand the scientific methods put forward by Mr. Hill in his book. The existence of a universal powerhouse of energy that we are all part of, and we can all tap into at will, fits in with my beliefs. It makes perfect sense to me.

Science has brought us to a greater understanding of the laws of physics and nature. And as we look closer at the world, we have discovered that matter isn't really solid! We only perceive it as such because of the limited way in which our senses work! Our physical senses are just not capable of seeing to that degree of intricacy!

Matter is merely made up of tiny packets of energy, holding together minuscule particles. A tiny nucleus at the centre with an even smaller electron (or up to 96 electrons) revolving around it. These electrons move so fast around the nucleus, and bind together in such profusion as to give the illusion of solidity; when in fact the reality is that 99.9999999r% of the atom is empty space!!! When we perceive matter as solid, we are being caught up in a carefully created illusion!

After thousands of years, quantum physics has proved that the eastern religions have been right all along when they said that the material world is just an illusion, and the true nature of our existence lies within the spiritual plane!

And in that spiritual plane is your consciousness.

All true success in life comes from the application of spiritual power; from conscious effort and the application of proven techniques.

A lot of those who use these techniques do so unwittingly, giving rise to the illusion of good and bad luck. But with practise and determination anyone can harness this power to create whatever they desire.

Matter and energy are essentially one and the same thing. Neither can be created or destroyed; they can, however, change form.

The universe constantly changes energy into matter and back again every second.

The matter of the hydrogen atoms in our sun are changed by chemical reactions into light and heat energy. This energy then radiates outward, reaching our Earth, where it is changed by trees and plants back into chemical energy; food for their own survival. The herbivore comes along and eats the plant, changing the energy within its own body into a form that it can use. The carnivore eats the herbivore and uses that energy for itself. When animals and plants die, the matter is decomposed by micro-organisms, thus releasing the energy. And so the process continues!

At any time in the above cycle, the energy can be released once again as light and heat by combustion, or fire.

Your own consciousness is held within your mind. The brain is the organ of the mind. And thought is the method by which your consciousness communicates through the brain to the body and the outside world.

Thoughts are made up of Electro-chemical energy. Therefore, when we have a thought, we are drafting into our service the very force that holds the universe together!

Thought precedes all acts of creation!

Now think about that statement very carefully. Everything we have ever created as a race over the past few thousand years was preceded by a thought or an idea. If this is a universal truth, then we have to come into the realisation that the creation of the universe must have been preceded by thought! When you put a thought into motion, you are using exactly the same power that created the entire universe! Remember, consciousness is identical all over the universe!

Be careful what you think about, because when enough thoughts of a similar nature combine within your brain, they have a tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent! If energy and matter are essentially the same, then power of thought to transform itself into its material counterpart is an exact scientific statement!

The only power any of us really have in life is the power of thought. That power is housed within our consciousness! The power to choose our own thoughts use them constructively is one that most of us give away, or do not use to its full potential, or even use negatively!

Negative thoughts of poverty, fear and lack will just as surely bring about those things, as thoughts of happiness, wealth, abundance will bring those into being!

All thought has a tendency to transform itself into its physical equivalent!

In every mind lies the power to control every aspect of our lives, if only we could learn how to harness it and focus it!

Don't delay, start finding out how today!

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