Brainwave entrainment and seems to be the new buzz words is in the self-improvement area. The brain being a mysterious place, the wisdom put together of scientists through the ages have been able to unravel only 10 to 15 percent of the brain’s power. Before we really get started out on the debate in the above mentioned question which also acts as the title of the article, let’s examine what exactly brainwave entrainment and hypnosis are?

According to the “State Theory”, Hypnosis is a mental state brought about by a process called hypnotic induction. This process works on the basis of a series of instructions which are more like suggestions at first but then take on greater authority in the latter part of the process. Hypnosis can be administered to self or to a second person. Hypnosis has been used widely for therapeutic purposes.

Brainwave entrainment on the other hand is a procedure whose main goal is to synchronize brainwave frequencies with a stimulus that contains a particular frequency for the brain state which is to be induced. This is achieved through specialized software.

When understanding the above basic definitions of the two processes, one thing stands out immediately. Brainwave entrainment is something which is more planned and charted out. It has a definite goal which is induced through a specific process; hypnosis on the other hand is a practice which is the exploring of the brain without a map, so to speak. There are no strict terms of guidance on which direction the process should take.

Hypnosis works on very general principles and consists of placing messages or instructions without ascertaining if the person is currently in the hypnotic state. As there are many levels of the subconscious and the unconscious mind, it is difficult to ensure that the person is really at the specific level that is required of hypnosis.

Yet, hypnosis works on the basis of words which are powerful in suggesting the core of the idea that is to be incorporated into the mind of the person. There are some words which, when delivered with authority, acts as a command to a computer and such are the effect of it on the brain. These words associate themselves with an idea and then immediately bring about feelings which are specific to that idea.

One example of a powerful hypnotic word is the name of the person. Many studies have established the fact that the use of the name at the beginning of a sentence and at the end has a very influential effect on the person. This is very often used to bring about the achievement of goals set. Many times the authority of the hypnotic words is also related to the person’s communication skills. Such skills affect a person’s personality which aids in personality development.

As we have learnt earlier, brainwave entrainment is the specific method of being able to make the brain produce certain electromagnetic frequencies which are tuned to that induce a specific state of mind. Whereas hypnosis is not an exact science, brainwave entrainment uses the brain’s method of using neurons to directly communicate signals, either to the brain or to the rest of the body. Modern science has been able to distinguish the different frequency which is connected to different brain functions. Therefore brain super functions like thinking, sleeping and relaxing can be doubly enhanced with the help of brainwave entrainment.

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