If you have ever spent a couple of hours in an airport waiting for a delayed flight you will be familiar with the general feeling of discontent that permeates the atmosphere. People look bored, tired, frustrated, long-suffering or just plain upset!

Amongst this generalized feeling of discontent you will always notice a few exceptions who respond in a rather more philosophical manner. These people do more than simply tolerate their circumstances. They make the most of the situation they are in and use their unexpected free time as constructively and positively as possible.

These are the people who know how to live in the moment and make the most of the now. They aren't going to waste their precious energy by focusing upon frustrations or fears. They aren't going to waste their time on useless thought or activity.

But it's not just these types of times that so many of us allow ourselves to waste. Many of us allow previous minutes, hours or days to slip between our fingers. It seems that we find it far to easy to allow our thoughts to dwell in the past or to fear for the future.

We need to be reminded of the importance of just allowing our minds to relax and to rest our attention in the moment. When you do this you find that the feeling that is triggered is one that consists of relief, calmness, peace and bliss.

When was the last time you really noticed your own breathing? Were you aware that the air in your nostrils as you breathe is feels cooler than the air when you breathe out? When you breathe do you fill up your belly or just your chest?

There are many things that happen each and every day that we just don't notice because our minds are focused elsewhere. These things might be within our own physical body or in our surroundings.

A fun exercise that will help you appreciate the moment is to spend just one minute intentionally noticing what you notice. Pay attention to each of your senses in turn and really focus your attention clearly upon the information that your senses transmit to your brain.

Notice how your brain interprets this information, making assumptions and drawing conclusions based upon past experiences and stored information. For example you might look outside and see grass swaying and instinctively interpret this to mean that it is windy outside. You might smell the scent of cooking and feel your stomach rumble in response.

When you spend time in the moment you realize how much richer your experience of life is. An added bonus is that you live in the moment free from worry or fear.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads for relaxation, health and happiness.

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