In a rock quarry in China, a bulldozer creeps along, ferrying a load of large limestone rocks to a conveyor belt that disappears inside a large processing facility...known as Calcium Carbonate from limestone.

Out in the North Atlantic, a massive tanker ship vacuums tons of calcified material from the ocean floor, smothering the native flora and fauna with silt...known as Calcium Citrate from calcified coral creatures.

On a sunny beach in South America, a local fisherman walks the shoreline. He hand harvests the living algae that has washed ashore and simply places it into a bucket...called, sustainable, organic, plant based calcium.

Dynamite. Bulldozers. Dump trucks. Conveyor belts. Limestone rock mined from the earth. Tankers. Vacuum nozzles. Bleaching agents. High heat. Calcified algae sucked from the ocean floor...or an organic, sustainable, plant-based calcium from living algae?

Chances are the calcium supplement you are taking now is actually derived from rock. The label will say “calcium carbonate,” which is limestone. Calcium Carbonate is an inorganic form of calcium, that nutritionally is the equivalent to eating rocks. It is extremely difficult for the body to absorb and utilize this form of calcium because the body does not recognize it as food.

According to Dr. Taryn Forrelli, N.D., "It is no wonder, then, that upon eating (calcium carbonate) rocks some people’s kidneys make rocks or “stones”. More common side effects associated with calcium carbonate are gas and constipation. On top of that, since calcium carbonate is a very dense molecule with a small surface area, it requires a lot of stomach acid to dissolve and release the elemental calcium. Given that less stomach acid is produced with age, the calcium in calcium carbonate is not very bio-accessible for the people who need it most. Furthermore, by using up or “neutralizing” stomach acid when taken with food (think Tums®), it can also interfere with the absorption of other nutrients requiring stomach acid for absorption, like vitamin B12 and iron. Other forms of calcium, such as calcium citrate, may be better tolerated and absorbed, but they still fail to deliver calcium in the complex organic form humans were designed to eat – living whole food!"

Pure Plant Calcium

Pure, plant based calcium knows as AlgaeCal (Algas calcareas. sp) comes from a fascinating organism that grows wild in the warm, tropical waters of South America. The algae naturally assimilates oceanic minerals and trace elements into a “complex.” This living complex is washed onto shore by tidal surges.

Because the algae is live harvested by hand from such a pristine ocean environment, it is very clean. This means no chemical bleaching agents or high heat treatment is required. The algae is rinsed with fresh water and dried in the sun before it is gently milled. This allows for the calcium to be presented as RAW—the ultimate standard for quality in supplementation.

The process is so simple, yet the result is revolutionary — raw, organic, pure plant calcium. And with minimal impact to the oceanic and shoreline ecosystems — Vitamin Code Raw Calcium from raw AlgaeCal is simply pure and is sustainable as well as best health choice for calcium for the following reasons:

The only certified organic plant calcium available

Pure, unbleached plant calcium

Hand-harvested, sun-dried, gently milled


Environmentally sustainable – sustainably harvested

RAW—untreated, uncooked, unadulterated, dried below 114° F

Complete calcium complex containing all 13 minerals found in your bones

Clinically studied

Consider the Science:

For most, certified organic and environmentally sustainable would provide enough reason to make Vitamin Code Raw Calcium and Vitamin Code Grow Bone made with AlgaeCal RAW their calcium of choice. But in case you need more convincing, consider the best-in-class scientific support behind this breakthrough source of one of the most important nutrients in human health.

Dean Neuls, the founder and CEO of AlgaeCal, Inc., has a vision of not only the purest and most environmentally sustainable calcium on the planet, but also one of the most clinically validated as well. He has invested significantly into clinical studies around bone density, osteoblast growth, tolerance and bioavailability, as well as safety studies.

“Investing in science takes time and money. Most in the natural health arena don’t have the patience or vision to make the investment. Our company is dedicated to revolutionizing bone health through topnotch science and clinical studies,” states Mr. Neuls.

And the investment has paid off. The most recent AlgaeCal sponsored study compared the effect of three forms of calcium on the growth of human osteoblast cells—the cells in the body responsible for the synthesis and formation of bone, both in bone formation (early years) and bone remodeling (throughout life).

The research was directed by Gautam Maulik of Harvard Medical School working in conjunction with the University of Connecticut and compared AlgaeCal with calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. The results are soon-to-be published in the esteemed peer-reviewed journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.

Summary of the Research:

In direct head-to-head tests, the scientists compared the effects of AlgaeCal with the two top sellers: calcium carbonate (from rocks) and calcium citrate (rock calcium chemically reacted with acid).

Focused on the proliferation, mineralization and oxidative stress in cultured human osteoblast cells, the in-vitro study results showed that the plant-based calcium, commercially known as AlgaeCal®, increased alkaline phosphatase activity 200 percent more effectively than calcium carbonate and 250 percent better than calcium citrate.

In addition, AlgaeCal outperformed calcium carbonate and calcium citrate by 300 and 400 percent, respectively, on DNA synthesis, which is the ability of these osteoblasts to produce new bone building cells.

In laymen’s terms, the in-vitro test shows AlgaeCal to be dramatically more effective in building the osteoblast cells responsible for building bone than other commonly used calcium sources. AlgaeCal Raw is available in Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code Raw Calcium and in the Vitamin Code Grow Bone kit.


According to Jordan Rubin N.D., Founder and CEO of Garden of Life, “AlgaeCal Raw is the most exciting calcium source I’ve found; not only because it’s well-studied, but also because it’s uniquely sustainable. It may be the most important ingredient of the next decade.”

Vitamin Code Raw Calcium (also contained in the Vitamin Code Grow Bone kit) contains 756 mg of raw, organic whole food, plant calcium from AlgaeCal. It also contains 1,600 IU of raw, vitamin D3 and 100 mcg of vitamin K2, as raw MK-7 from Natto. The Vitamin Code Raw Calcium is gluten free, dairy free; contains no soy allergens, no binders or fillers and contains live probiotics and enzymes.

Regardless of the standard you choose—organic, purity, sustainability, or scientific support — Vitamin Code Raw Calcium made from AlgaeCal RAW, is the smart and sustainable choice for your bone health.

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