We have the image of a Miracle as some supernatural event. Something that is impossible to happen and is made possible by the intervention of higher energies.

In reality a Miracle is the most natural thing to happen.

We were created in complete harmony and perfection; this is our DNA, our natural state of being.

With our fears, our negative thoughts and negative emotions we create a disruption on our energy on our internal balance expressing situations that are very far from our natural harmony and perfection. This lack of harmony is reflected on our lives as lack of health, or money, or relationships, or happiness, etc.

Many times we ask for a miracle to fix a situation, and we ask for a miracle because we have the certainty that the situation cannot be fix otherwise.

But if a Miracle is a natural thing why most of the times don’t happen?

The answer is simple. We ask for a miracle from an anti-faith perspective.

We ask but we don’t believe is going to really happen. The anti-faith energy is what prevents us from receiving and experiencing miracles.

The universe is constantly correcting any situation that is not in the state of complete harmony and perfection, but we resist and prevent this to happen most of the times. The anti-faith energy acts as a barrier.

So remember a miracle is not a supernatural event, it is actually the natural thing to happen if we just allow it. When you ask for miracles have no fear, no doubts and no expectations, allow the universe to do his work and you will be amazed.

Scherezade Lozano

Author's Bio: 

Scherezade Lozano, master astrologer, spiritual coach, and author, provides individuals and business organizations with valuable information to help them achieve internal balance. To understand the situations and people in your present moment and to gain a higher perspective where you will be able to capitalize on the present opportunities and to make the changes that are necessary in your life or business to improve your experience and your results.

Scherezade has studied astrology extensively and has guided many individuals and business organizations to discover higher qualities and identify opportunities to manifest love, wealth, abundance, happiness and success.

Scherezade readings and astrological analysis are not light readings, Scherezade's readings are life changing experiences, as she combines her extensive astrology knowledge with her natural gifts of channeling and intuitive energy reading.

Master Astrologer (Centro de Estudios Astrologicos)

Spiritual Counselor (Delphy University)

Instructor of Inner Sanctuary Training (Delphy University)

Mind Control Institute (Mind Control Jose Silva)

Primordial Meditation (Deepak Chopra)

Publications: Sucess Secrets and Habits, Guided Meditations (audio), Daily Affirmations (Audio).

And in Spanish: La felicidad Si Existe, Desde La Eternidad del Alma, Tus Negaciones y lo Dios piensa de Ellas, A Su Imagen y Semejanza