If your husband cheated on you, you may be in despair.

After all, this form of betrayal cuts so deep.

By discovering the best ways to overcome mental blocks which are related to affair recovery, you'll make it easier to move forward to a brighter future.

Whether you decide to stick it out and work on your marriage or make a new life for yourself as an empowered and strong single woman, you'll find that learning what the mental blocks to affair recovery actually are is the key to improving your life. Once you know what's blocking you, you'll be able to bust through the barriers and release yourself from all of the pain, sadness, rage and jealousy.

While doing so may feel impossible right now, millions of women have been where you are and they have managed to overcome it all. So, don't despair any longer. Instead, use the suggestions in this article in order to become a happier woman.

You'll be so glad that you did!

Now, let's look at what stops women from recovering from affairs, in cases where they do want to save their marriages

After this, we'll talk about affair recovery methods for women who want to be single, happy and proud.

Do You Want to Stay Married?

If you want to stay married, you need to stop obsessing. This means thinking about the other woman, feeling suspicious and acting out in front of your spouse. Easier said than done, right?

Husbands who have stopped their affairs in order to work on their marriages should be open to talking with their wives about the recovery process. However, they shouldn't be yelled at or insulted.

After all, the male ego is actually more fragile than you might think. In fact, many men seek out female companionship outside of their marriages for the ego boost alone! In other words, they don't feel valued or desired by their wives and they look for women who will give them the adoration that they need in order to feel manly and special.

Men want to be important or feel important. This is something that you shouldn't forget as you plan your own recovery strategy.

Get a Handle on the Male Mind

Is it weak that men need their egos stroked in this manner? Yes. However, you need to understand that men just aren't hardwired like women. They want to spread their seed and they want to feel like winners in the game of life. While some men may be more evolved, it's always important to factor in the male ego during the healing and recovery process. In a nutshell, if you want to move past the affair, you've got to give your husband romance, understanding and forgiveness. Anger and insults will backfire every single time.

Are You Truly Able to Forgive Him?

Some women can't pull this off because they are blocked by images of their husbands in the arms of other ladies. In addition, they will surrender to anger which triggers terrible fights and then wish that they hadnt.

The strongest women will be philosophical. They will understand that men are weak with regard to sexual desire and they will forgive this form of weakness in the interest of preserving their marriages. If you're strong enough to be philosophical and to forgive on a deeper level, you may well be able to clear the blocks to surviving an affair and stay together for a lifetime.

Seek Out Professional Help

If you need help moving past your rage, jealousy and despair, talk to a therapist. Venting to a professional will be healthier than attacking your spouse verbally. So, do consider this positive outlet. According to the Huffington Post, Couples therapy may also provide premium benefits after an affair, as it will allow couples to share their thoughts and feelings with one another within a safe and moderated setting.

Your spouse should be open to couple's therapy or other affair recovery options. While men are often reticent and don't want to share their innermost feelings with a therapist, it's important to know that your husband is willing to push the envelope for the sake of your marriage, as this will demonstrate commitment to making things better. So, don't hesitate to bring the matter up if it's of interest to you. Consider it a red flag if your husband refuses to attend couple's therapy or participate in other marriage-healing activities.

Do You Want to Go It Alone?

If you've had enough, who can really blame you? After all, he lied to you and betrayed your marriage vows. Only you can decide when enough is enough. However, if the strategies outlined above don't work for you or you're not even interested in trying them out, it may be a strong signal that you want to move on from the marriage.

There are wonderful online resources for women who wish to recover from affairs or from outright abandonment. If your husband has left you and you don't know how to feel better, consider visiting the www.runawayhusbands.com website. This website features information about the self-help book, Runaway Husbands, as well as a message board that is populated by supportive and caring women who've gone through the same struggles.

In fact, there are tons of message boards like this out there. You may find that these virtual social hubs are excellent ways to access moral support when you need it most, as you prepare to go it alone.

Real-life support groups for women who've been betrayed may also exist in your community. Some groups may be for single mothers, while others may be for any women who are trying to rebuild their lives after failed marriages. If you want real-life support, be sure to attend these get-togethers. You'll make new friends who are in the same boat.

In addition, think about your own dreams. After all, you are your own person. What did you want from life before marriage? Did you achieve your goals or did you get sidetracked by your long-term relationship? Now is the time to get back to focusing on yourself and what you can achieve. By doing so, you'll access personal power that moves you away from obsessing about infidelity.

A final tip is to access the best legal representation that you can afford. If you're divorcing, don't trust the husband who betrayed you to do what's right - he probably won't. You need legal firepower in order to access a fair and ethical divorce settlement, so leave nothing to chance in this regard, as it is very important.

Improve Your Life Today

Whatever you decide, you can make it work. You just need to bypass the blocks. Now, you know how to begin.

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