In spite of advancements made in the employee time management industry, there is no dearth of businesses that still cling to the old-fashioned card punching time clock. The numbers however are declining as business owners discover the usefulness of time tracking clocks with time attendance software. It is only a matter of time that our old friend, the mechanical time clock, shall only be found at the Smithsonian Museum of History. Reason? Simple, because there are better options to track and manage employee work hours than the Bundy clock. The fact of the matter is that the Bundy is no match for digital time clocks equipped with superior time tracking software.

As an employer you are well aware of the importance of keeping your data accurate, especially when it comes to employee payroll. This is the primary reason businesses around the world have already replaced their mechanical time clocks with electronic time clocks that incorporate time attendance software, as well as include features that are helpful in payroll processing and accounting systems. The same payroll processing that gave headaches to payroll and HR personnel now only takes a matter of minutes to execute.

All entrepreneurs need a time attendance system that is easy to use, accountable and accurate; saving them time and money. With better accuracy comes better accountability and productivity, ultimately translating into a return on investment. These applications also eliminate the element of human error with their built-in automated reporting systems leaving no room for misread time cards or miscalculated time sheets and benefits.

With an automated time attendance system, small business owners no longer need to buy ribbons or waste money on maintenance and repairs of mechanical time clocks. Nor do they need to store old timecards and time sheets as it is all done electronically on time attendance devices. The beauty of this system is that it is equally beneficial for businesses employing just a few workers as well as for organizations that have employee numbers in the hundreds and at multiple locations. Another key advantage that these time clocks offer is their exceptional scalability that makes them even more attractive for potential users.

There are statistics that strongly show that businesses use automated methods for every other purpose, so why should you stick to the old fashioned punch clock in this case? Any organization that wants to stay competitive knows that mechanical clocks are ineffective when compared to biometric time clocks installed with time and attendance software.

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Chad Buckmaster is marketing for The uAttend time clocks by Processing Point redefine how small businesses handle time and attendance. More and more, small businesses are seeking out affordable web-based solutions for business needs. The uAttend system is the first product in the time and attendance software category to deliver what small businesses need: low upfront fees, easy-to-use service, and universal access.