Does hypnosis work? The straight forward answer to this very query that has crossed great and small minds alike is a definite a fifty-fifty probability; since whatever the mind believes and perceives does become a reality. Meaning that what may work for one may not necessarily work for the other.

Mind control is a state of subconscious mind directly accessed by one with experience on how to do it in most cases a hypnotist or hypnotherapist. It is a familiar term with many courtesy of fictional writing and the producers but few can confidently define its true meaning. For example if one is having trouble sleeping or struggling with weight problems or self esteem issues, it will work if they allow it because it deals directly with the unconscious mind, the part that makes important decisions about physical functioning like physical sensations, awareness of body position, memories, dreams and inspiration.

This is feasible with an intelligent mind of 100 plus I.Q range since a lot of imagination and creativity will be required and those falling below this quotient may not have an easy time in achieving this requirement. People with concentration issues like the Attention Deficit Disorder or A.D.D. or those hyperactive will not work because of their inability to concentrate and focus -which is normally fundamental in achieving the same. Their nervousness as well as energy will keep getting in their way.

Skeptics are another group that will be unsuccessful because of their unbelief and without their participation and cooperation the whole procedure will be rendered useless because bottom line is the subconscious mind that will be resisting every effort.

Things we do and think are handled by conscious mind giving orders while the subconscious stores the information to be executed and that is where the real power is making it the main focal point.

Thanks to movies and fictional writing a lot of myth has shrouded this very topic because of the mystery to easily manipulate the one under into doing anything and everything including murder on one hand and fixing whatever problem found under the earth, it is mainly met with a lot of skeptics and suspicion.

It is assumed hypnosis is used to create false memories for specific and desired results raising issues about findings and test that have so far been recorded or those who have claimed its authenticity on recovering and giving up a bad habit; bringing to table the arguments that arise around the table during debates in many forums.

Does Hypnosis work excluding the above mentioned examples, is yet without a shadow of doubt to be a proven actuality since it involves subconscious mind completely brought under control taking away power from the conscious making it susceptible to change, new ideas, discoveries, breaking away from bad habits, inner strength and how to utilize it. Despite the contemporary advancement in technology, hypnosis is still as effective as it has been since time immemorial. This is because it involves activating the sub consciousness of a person’s mind.

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