Does My Husband Miss Me During Separation: Exactly How To Know If Your Spouse Misses You During Separation

Going through a marriage separation can in many ways be as difficult as going through a divorce. After all, like a divorce, a marriage separation involves the pain and inconvenience of living apart, having to pay for two domiciles instead of one, and changing your daily habits and living patterns to adjust to your new status as a single person.

If you are going through a marriage separation, there can come a point when one or both of you feel that it may be time to get back together. If so, here are 3 steps to marriage separation reconciliation:

1. Get in touch with what you really want: Sure, the pain of separation can be pretty strong: not being with that special man or woman every day - regardless of how unhappy the two of you sometimes were during marriage - can be pretty powerful stuff. However, you owe it to yourself to decide for sure whether the pain of being apart wouldn't get even worse if you got back together. Self-awareness is very important as you work through the issue of whether to make the effort to reconcile your marriage.

2. Find out if your spouse is on the same page about getting back together: You may want to avoid asking your spouse outright whether they want to reconcile your marriage. Instead, you may choose to put out some feelers, hinting at the idea. See how they respond before you put a lot of energy into the reconciliation. Remember: moving too fast without their being on board could backfire on you.

3. Put together a plan for reconciliation: Reconciling a marriage separation is not as easy as your just deciding you want to be back together and then moving back in together. You will need to put together a plan that addresses the many underlying issues your marriage faced that led to your separation.

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Most counselors specializing in save marriage techniques will tell you that one of the really important things that you need to understand is that you have to spend time together and alone with your partner. This might seem easy but it is not. If you are really serious about saving your marriage, we recommend that you set some ground rules for the alone time so that it is really effective and draws you two together.

Rule 1 - Be Present

If you want to spend time with your partner, you need to make sure that the mind is there. Set aside all electronics. Yes, even your phone. You can answer the phone in the event that there is an emergency but any call that is not important should go straight to voicemail. The secret when you want to save marriage and spend time with the partner is to have no distractions.

Rule 2 - Being Flexible

Flexibility basically means coping with unexpected situations with the goal of spending time together. For instance, let us say that you are in the park and rain starts pouring down. In this case, you can duck right into the closest coffee shop instead of going home. You need to be spontaneous and explore all opportunities together.

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Rule 3 - Stay Positive

If you really want to solve save marriage problems, you need to be positive and remember the fact that you choose your mood. This basically means that you are the only person that is responsible for how you feel. Instead of simply staying always focused on the bad things in life, try to be optimistic and focus on your significant other when you are together. Pay attention to what the spouse says, needs and wants.

Let us consider an example to understand what this is all about. Let us say that you are in a restaurant with the spouse and the service is taking ages. The food is really bad and the people at the next table are incredibly noisy. If you simply focus on these aspects, your night out will be horrible. You cannot follow a save marriage program effectively if you focus on those negative facts. Instead, stay focused on the spouse, appreciate the fact that you are out and be thankful for the time that you get to spend with him/her.

Rule 4 - Both Partners Need to Choose What to Do

Take turns in choosing the things that you will do together. In most marriages there is a spouse that ends up organizing and planning activities. This works fine as long as the other partner's desires and preferences are taken into account. Unfortunately, the person doing the organizing and planning can resent the partner that's not involved or that person doesn't consider the other spouse's feelings. If this situation continues, it can become a problem that leads to seeing a marriage counselor to save marriage situations like this. Make sure that both of you get to choose what is done in the time that you spend together. If this happens, you will surely bond more and love each other even more.

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You must understand one particular vital factor about what it requires to save marriage situations that are difficult to save. You cannot solve any difficulty if you do not basically listen to your spouse. The majority of people remain focused on this fact and they don't realize that whenever a person says something like "Listen to what I say!" what is really meant is "Agree with me!" Regrettably, when you hear that the partner says that you do not listen to her/him, we interpret it as not agreeing. It is rather a paradox that occurs without us even knowing it.

Listening is Not Really the Exact Same Thing as Agreeing

If you have doubts and you ought to save your marriage, you've got to be able to understand these two principles. We can state that listening in a couple should certainly mean hearing what the spouse needs to say and understanding it appropriately. This is the first step toward a loving relationship. You can easily understand what someone says but if you do not go along with it, this will lead on the way to many problems. In a partnership, we have to change and adapt. The partner is just as equal to us as we are to him/her. A superb save marriage plan can show you that.

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You Can't Solve Issues and Save Marriage Situations Until You Know How to Listen!

Consider one question. Is there a topic that appears to continue to come up quite often in the relationship? Is the partner talking about an event that happened in the past consistently? These are a pair of things that happen often and repetition generally is a sign that the problem that was caused at some point in time is not solved. The key reason why anyone keeps saying the same thing is that the person was damage and needs closure.

The fact that you need to understand is incredibly simple. When a topic keeps coming up, the partner literally thinks that you do not understand. He/she could keep mentioning an incident or a situation until you actually understand what is wrong and what the partner believes is wrong. You do not always have to accept something. You just have to know what the partner feels, why he/she is hurt and to demonstrate that you understand. Regrettably, understanding is not the same thing as showing that you understand.

The bottom line is that communication is essentially one of the extremely essential things in a marriage. If you do not listen, you can't understand. If you cannot understand, you cannot comprehend that the partner was hurt by something. Minor communication troubles can certainly come to be greater issues that can then become save marriage points that put your marriage at risk. All experts mention the significance of communication in a relationship and you need to seriously learn how to listen to someone. It is not that hard but it does take patience and a motivation to open up and discuss absolutely anything that bothers the person that you are currently married to.

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Imagine that you are Prince William and his long time girlfriend Kate Middleton now engaged to be married. Wow! You're experiencing all the preparations, speculation and gossip surrounding the nuptials, but what will you need in your daily lives together in the future? Two famous princesses and their husbands who came before them didn't appear to be very successful in the needs department. Here's how William and Kate and you can do better.

In any marriage royal or otherwise there are two people who have needs. The need for commitment for a lifetime, the need for communication on all levels in their daily lives, the need to negotiate differences of opinion and preferences, the need to be cherished today and forever, and the need to develop a communion of spirit that expresses the purpose and giving back that develops out of your unique love and relationship.

This will include: Who will you be for each other? Will you be friends as well as lovers? Will you cheer each other on when either of you have had a rough day? Will you encourage each other's growth or ignore it? Will you remember to touch after the newness is gone? Will you take time to notice what you need or just resent when you finally notice that what you need is missing. Take a few moments to list your needs, share them with your spouse and have them share theirs with you. Maybe you will have to negotiate a few compromises, but this exchange of needs will be invaluable for your relationship.

Whether you are a Prince and soon to be Princess or everyday person, to get what you need in a relationship you have to define it and ask for it. Most of us don't read minds yet. So I say William and Kate speak up. Let's this be the fairy tale that lasted. God knows we all need that.

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