Husband Isn't Attracted To Me Because I Gained Weight: Exactly What To Do When Your Husband Says Your Fat

Everybody faces challenges now and then, and these challenges come in one form or the other, yours may have come in the form of your husband not loving you anymore. Even if that is your own challenge, you can still win his heart back to yourself again.

To bring his heart back to you, you will have to be ready to get to work. The first thing to do is to find out why he doesn't love you anymore. You will have to ask yourself whether you are still the same woman your husband married earlier, and how you have changed from the woman he had loved to a woman he now loathes.

Are you still a good cook or your cooking are now inedible these days? Are you still the understanding wife that your husband had known or you are now a brawler? Do you wake up early enough to see to his needs before he goes to work, or you spend the whole morning hours in bed with your bed cover wrapped around you?

In the interest of winning his love back you will have to find solution to these questions and stop doing those things your husband hate. If you have added unnecessary weight, I suggest you get rid of it. You can do yourself a lot of good by getting rid of that fat.

You will now have to give more attention to your husband and his needs so as to win him back. Make sure you cook his food well, serve him and sit with him at the dining while he eats. Get interested in how his day had gone. Show more interest in him and his life. Give him the impression that he is very important to you.

When he begins to notice the physical and emotional changes in you, his heart will start warming up to you and gradually you will have his heart and love back.

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1. He Only Pretends Not to Listen.

He heard what you said. He's just not interested in hearing it at the moment. Don't try to give your man instructions or talk about your feelings when he's watching TV (especially sports), eating, reading, or has just come home from work. He will only be half listening. His mind is on other things like: will his team win, his day at work, how hungry he is, etc. He can only pay attention to one thing at a time. If he lets you think that he is giving you his full attention, and then you will want to talk to him at these inappropriate moments all the time. If he gives you a detailed response, you'll just continue to talk. If he completely ignores you, you'll get mad. If he pretends that he is listening, you will be content and walk away.

2. He Does Look at Other Women.

Not because he wants to cheat, but because men are visually stimulated. Getting mad at him for looking is just going to make him sneak a peek. Hey, it's just a passing glance. It's not like we don't check guys out too!

3. He Needs Time Away From You.

Men need time to reflect, socialize and just get away from it all. Men like the time to regroup. It doesn't mean that they don't want to be with us, it is just an escape to appreciate what they have at home. So lighten up, while he's out of the house, take the kids out or get a babysitter and go something you enjoy.

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4. He Doesn't Feel Like Being Bothered Sometimes

You've probably asked him to do something several times, but yet he still doesn't do it in a timely manner. In frustration, you do it yourself. What is he thinking, "Thank Goodness!" Men do things at their own pace. You can ask your man to take out the trash and 3 hours later, it's still there. Technically, he still has time to take out the trash. In his mind, the trash isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and if you do it yourself, that just makes it better for him.

5. He Really Enjoys Gossip

If your man overhears you gossiping on the phone, he'll probably shake his head in disapproval. However, if he talks about Joe and Margaret, his co workers who are having an affair, it's not gossip. Actually men enjoy to gossip. They just have a different name for it "Commenting."

6. Yes, He Was Thinking About Sex

Your man has a far away look in his eyes. He seems distant. He was thinking about sex. He can't help it, he thinks about it several times a day. Wouldn't you prefer that he thinks about it several times a day rather than having sex several times a day?

7. When His Voice Goes High, or He Answers a Question With the Same Question, He's Thinking of a Lie.

If you ask your man, "What You'd Do Today?' and he replies "What I'd Do Today?" he's probably thinking of lie. It doesn't mean that he did something inappropriate, just something you wouldn't approve of. Maybe, he left work early to hang out with the guys. If he told you this, you'd be upset because you had a long day at work or at home with the kids. The problem is he was having too much fun to think about if you would ask him that question, so he didn't plan a lie beforehand.

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8. Nothing is Wrong, So Stop Asking Him

Admit it, you see your man sitting quietly and you naturally assume something is wrong or has happened. So you ask, "What's wrong?" and he replies, "Nothing, I'm just thinking." Well, this answer doesn't satisfy you, so you ask again throughout the day, which leads to his frustration. Men reflect too! He was probably thinking about how he wants to change careers, if you are satisfied and happy with him, how he can make more money, how he doesn't want to grow old and fat, or how he would really like to buy that sports car. Ask him once, and then leave it alone. If you really sense something is wrong, give him some time and talk to him when you both feel like talking.

9. Most Men are Conquerors and Most Women are Venters

You just told him about your horrible experience at work. You want him to comfort and console you; instead he gives you logical facts about how to solve the problem. You feel cheated. You wanted to share your feelings about the day and all he wanted to do was fix the problem. Men like to offer solutions. Most men are not concerned about being in touch with their feelings when there's a conflict. You want to feel understood; he wants to make the problem go away. He can't relate to how you are feeling, so he does what he knows best, helps you to plan a solution.

10. He Wants to Feel Successful.

A man needs to feel he has accomplished something in life, and often times that accomplishment is found in their jobs or careers. Men don't like to feel conflicted between work and quality time with their families. To men, if they are working hard to earn money, this will improve the quality of their family's life.

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Is your marriage on the rocks? Do you find that your marriage is floundering in the doldrums? Well you are not alone! Thousands of women find themselves in a position where their husbands have lost interest in them. If you are looking for ways to make him fall back in love with you and rekindle his interest in you, then read the following.

Take a good and honest look at your relationship
Don't be in denial and put the blame on him. This type of attitude will not work and neither will it heal the marriage. Take a good look at the marriage and make a list of the things that are causing your husband to lose interest in you. If you are honest you will have more chances of righting the wrongs!

Get rid of the hindrances in your marriage

Once you know the reasons for his boredom and loss of interest, you should take immediate steps to get rid of them. No matter what it takes - from changing your looks, attitudes and behavior - do it! If you think your marriage is worth saving then go all out to make the necessary changes. It does not matter that you might lose face doing it!

Work on yourself - look amazing

It is common knowledge that women tend to lose their looks after a while. Once the babies come, most women tend to allow themselves to become fat and sloppy. Even though it is difficult to keep slim and trim - it is important to do so. Remember how the sight of your body once excited him? Join a gym and get gorgeous - he will love it!

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Plan interesting days and nights

Change the routine and don't let your husband come back from work to settle into a dull and boring evening anymore! Plan a surprise every night. Make him look forward to coming home to you. From spicing up the sex to planning romantic dinners - make him feel special. He will begin to fall in love with you all over again.

Plan a romantic getaway

Sometimes women tend to neglect their husbands. The children get all the attention, love and caring, while the poor husband feels like the outsider! This could be the reason why he has begun to lose interest. Get someone to look after the kids and plan a romantic getaway! He will be stunned and thrilled to have you to himself for a change!

Start pampering him all over again

Admit that you have been so caught up with the housework that you have forgotten your husband completely! Stop ignoring his needs. He is bound to get bored with this type of treatment. Start pampering him like you did when you first started out. Cook him his favorite meal, give him sensuous massages, buy him special gifts and dress in a way that will excite him.

Open up and apologize

Don't take your man for granted. Open up and be honest with him. Nothing will touch him more than you apologizing for your behavior. Make it up to him and appreciate him for all that he has been in your life. Once he knows you really love and respect him, he will respond naturally to you.

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