Text chemistry is a texting system designed by psychologist Amy North foe, helping women know the best way of winning men's hearts even when they are far away from them. The typical set up of modern families has partners who continuously find themselves in business or corporate trips to far lands from their lovers. Distance is said to be a potential factor in destroying a relationship. Some lovers find it hard to remain patient for their lovers to return for them to make love. Distance may put off the flames of the living love bonds.

Nonetheless, Amy North has studies the men and women psychology in dating and relationship for too long. So does text chemistry work? Amy North designed this text chemistry scheme to work as a guide to framing texts that captures men's hearts. Amy North explains that it is not all text that is captivating. There is what men want to hear from their lovers. This thing is not learned instinct or by observation. However, it requires calculated guided steps into understanding it.

Text chemistry helps women thus understand what to text in which situations. The scheme trains women's minds in understanding which words capture the attention of men and arouses their love and feelings towards their lovers even when they are far. There are general feelings of insecurities in women when their lovers are far away. There will always be this feeling of what if he finds love in another woman? Your man can be tempted to find love in another woman. Nonetheless, you can reduce these chances by arising his love and obsession with you even when he is far away. As the name goes by, text chemistry is thus a guide in how to raise this chemistry in men through text messaging.

Psychology explains that words either spoken or texted can have men infatuate about people sending them love. It reminds them that they are taken and loved. Amy North advises women not to be fooled by the common phrases that a modern man does not need sweet words. Amy emphasizes that there is no old fashioned method of sending love. Love and relations are areas that have no standard specific method of working out.

Nonetheless, scientists and psychologists in behavioral psychology fields have developed a paradigm from consistent research that shows guidance in what has been developed as patterns that raise love in men better than others. Amy north bases her text chemistry paradigm, guiding women to take the bull by the horns and retain their lovers to themselves. Amy North explains that you have the power to snatch him from enticing women.

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