I don't know about you but I am becoming ever more aware of the number of people whose actions are motivated by fear. Fear is a very human emotion which we are all vulnerable to, but there is no denying that it is an extremely destructive force. Fear can be translated into many different actions, most of which are experienced by others as offensive or aggressive.

If you consider that what you put out you get back, no matter what, then you can see that any action which is based upon fear will not result in anything good at all. The fear is instead compounded by aggression, frustration, anger and so forth.

I came across a classic example a few days ago of someone being controlled by fear. They were dealing with a sales person in an aggressive and offensive way, for no reason at all. They were complaining that something didn't work and calling the sales person a fraud, amongst other things. When the sales person eventually managed to get a chance to respond to this tirade of abuse, it became clear that the said product did indeed work; the person was simply holding it the wrong way up.

A muttered apology did eventually ensue, although not without a few justifications centering upon the fact that they were fed up with being ripped off, they were always ripped off, you couldn't trust anyone these days, and so on. I was reminded of the phrase that complaining is the refuge of those who have no self reliance.

This is a powerful example of how your expectations create your reality. This person was so convinced that they were going to be ripped off that they did not even double check to see if their product was working. In this particular scenario the sales person was very polite; they did not succumb to the temptation of retorting in an abusive way, although other people I'm sure might not have been so polite.

There are certain guidelines for life which are highlighted by this incident.

1. When fear is what motivates your actions the outcome will never be what you want; rather the emotion of fear will almost certainly ensure that what you do not what to happen will indeed transpire.

2. No matter how a person treats you, always respond in the way that you would like to be treated yourself - with politeness and respect. In this way the other person's frustration and fear is not escalated and you do not allow any of it to dampen your equilibrium.

3. Always look at what is happening now and double check that you are not generalizing. "I'm always being ripped off" is a thought borne from fear.

4. If you are motivated by fear then recognize that in learning self reliance and self confidence you will change and fear can then be replaced by love.

It is worth remembering that nobody can make you feel inferior; only you can allow yourself to feel inferior. Accepting this truth is the first step towards the release of fear because it implies that you are now willing to take control of your thoughts and take responsibility for your actions. Your mental world will no longer be a merry-go-round of "he did so and so to me" or "I'm just protecting myself". Instead, you will have opened your mind to different patterns of thought.

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool when you are ready to take control and want to learn to think and react in a different way. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation which sooths your soul. As you relax in hypnosis you gain access to your subconscious mind which is the part that acts instinctively. With the help of hypnosis confidence recordings you can learn to relax and build your self esteem and experience a much greater feeling of self reliance. You can learn to allow love to motivate your actions instead of fear, so long as you want to do so.

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