Typically when we are comparing ourselves to another, it is usually in a negative way. If you notice you are doing this, make a point to correct this habit. The good news about comparing is that we can use it to positively motivate ourselves to accomplish more. We may not realize it-- although others' successes may be wonderful stepping-stones of encouragement, guidance, and believing we too can achieve something that we have been denying ourselves from experiencing.

Think of something you would like to have, do, or be. Maybe your goal is to achieve a college degree... improve your cooking skills, have photographs exhibited in a community gallery. Or maybe losing 10 pounds or reconnecting with someone is more of interest to you. Notice none of these goals are impossible. Now, think of someone who has accomplished a similar goal. By identifying with people that have successfully achieved similar goals, helps us to see that if we are really serious about changing some aspect of our lives, that we too can achieve incredible results.

In the moment we positively decide that we are going to achieve our goals, miracles begin to occur. Truly, once we believe that we can (will) accomplish our goals, we become motivated. It's as if an opening appeared, and we are being guided directly towards our goal. Each time we move towards accomplishing our goals, we are creating positive shifts within our attitude and lifestyle.

By choosing to approach situations with a positive attitude, gives us plenty of opportunities to learn to do things in a different manner. Instead of comparing ourselves negatively with others, get in the habit of identifying with the phrase, "If they can achieve their goal, so can I!" Notice instead of disempowering yourself by feeling bad, you are motivating yourself to achieve your goal. In using the act of comparing in this manner, helps us to continuously feel inspired and also helps us to hold in mind what we would like to experience.

Instead of reacting with jealousy, anger, or holding in mind that 'I can't accomplish my goal,' accept that from now on, you are choosing to be successful. If you are feeling intimidated, insecure, or anything that isn't empowering, accept the wonderful opportunity that has presented itself for you to let go of holding onto negative emotions. Remember, "Nothing positive is ever accomplished if we are holding negative thoughts in mind."

Learning to do things consistently, in a positive manner, is choosing to make lemonade when life hands out lemons. Another important step to consider is, "How does accomplishing your goal improve your life?" Anytime we choose to motivate ourselves positively, instead of feeling frustrated or resentful about others' good fortune, we are choosing to accept that we are equally successful. Notice this feels nice. By seeing yourself as equal to others, means that although the end result may be similar, each person's experience is unique. By focusing on seeing goodness in relation to other peoples' accomplishments, is proof that when we apply ourselves in a positive way, that we too can feel good about making changes within our lives. Change your mind, and your whole life changes.

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Larry Crane has been teaching The Release® Technique to executives of Fortune 500 companies for years. He has personally trained businessmen, psychiatrists, psychologists, sports and entertainment celebrities, sales people, managers and housewives in the art of letting go of problems, emotions, stress and subconscious blocks that are holding people back from having total abundance and joy in their lives.

The Release Technique has been taught to over 100,000 graduates worldwide. The Abundance Course IS the Release Technique, the original Release Technique Method as taught by Lester Levenson. http://www.releasetechnique.com