Blushing is one of the most frustrating things which you can suffer from because it is something which is very difficult to hide. We girls can apply two and three coats of makeup in the vain hope that it will cover up the rush of red which spreads across our faces and wear roll next sweaters year round. But that's about all we can do. And the option of makeup doesn't appeal to most men who suffer from this affliction.

You also know that the more you worry about blushing the more certain it is to happen. Whenever something really matters to you and you want to come across at your best and look cool, calm and collected - wham - you can feel the hot rush of red spreading effortlessly across your skin. Your worst nightmare comes to life in that hot rush of blood to your face.

The fear of blushing makes you blush and ultimately has the power to control your life. You alter the way in which you dress, shy away from speaking out, avoid certain social situations and so on. But blushing only happens when you worry about what people will think; you may not be aware that you are worried about this, but this is the fear which lies in your subconscious mind. You know yourself; you don't tend to blush when you are home alone. It only happens when you are in company.

You tend to think that your fear is one of blushing, and this is true. You are afraid of blushing, and your conscious and logical mind can become very focused upon this fear. But underneath lurks this underlying fear - that of worrying about what people will think. What will they think about me? What will they see when they look at me?

You probably won't remember when you first began to blush. In fact it is likely that you feel that it is something that you were born with because it's been happening as far back as you can remember. But there are only two instinctive fears present at birth; a fear of loud noises and a fear of falling. Neither causes you to blush.

Blushing is a learned reaction which becomes automatic through habitual thought and reaction patterns. Whatever is learned can also be unlearned, so long as you direct your focus in the right direction - towards your subconscious mind. If a reaction is habitual and happens instinctively, then it is driven by subconscious mental activity. Thus to access your subconscious is the first step in stopping blushing from controlling your life.

Hypnosis is the key here. Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation which allows you to access your subconscious mind. In using hypnosis you can change underlying mental triggers which have until now caused you to blush. With hypnosis what previously seemed impossible will in fact become easy to do.

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