When sickness or disability is temporary, you will react and adapt to the momentary discomfort by seeking medical council and assistance to rehabilitate.

On a short term, most people do not lose their bearing, unless they are worried of it being prolonged. Our society is set to provide the services for such instances. Generally, a person will assess and seek the required help.

The problem becomes more tangible and acute from the moment the sickness becomes chronic or the disability becomes long term or permanent. Other factors pop-up and the necessity to cope may bring on doubt and fear. If your imagination is lively and vivid, it can also bring you to see the worst in the occurrence.

Doubt will invade your psyche when you don’t know how debilitating this sickness or disability will be. Having trustworthy, honest council will help you see where you stand. Once you know the ins and outs of the situation, it becomes a question of organization. Do not hesitate to seek help to ease your healing process. You need to monitor your energy and use it for healing; otherwise, you may prolong the time of your recovery. The outcome of a temporary disability may often depend on your mindset and resilience.

When permanent disability is encountered, you face a totally different challenge. Two scenarios are more likely to develop, in this case. The first is that you know clearly what you will be left with and can plan to take concrete action to live with this. Even though it is hard to face, it becomes manageable as it runs its course.

The second is that you have no idea how debilitating it will be because no one can pinpoint the exact degree of the final disability. This is overbearing and crushing until facts can be established. When your cognitive mind processes the information, you will be able to set your path and move forward.

Both are learning experiences that will require a great deal of devotion in order to change your way of life and adapt. Support of your family and friends will ease the path. Nevertheless, it is you, the main actor that has the capacity to turn the challenges encountered into goals to better reach for a fulfilling life again.

A third scenario may loom as well. The news of being subject to a terminal disease will again paint a different picture. In this instance, your readiness and acceptance will help your remaining days to become filled with serenity. When people face a limit in time to live, they will go through different phases before death claims them. This may start with disbelief and hopefully reach acceptance and peace of mind in the end.

It is never easy to see someone close go through any of these challenges. Just remember that it is somewhat harder for the person involved. So do be kind accompanying and bringing support when you can! Especially when facing death, we face our own vulnerable end. It is particularly unsettling. When requiring support, do seek it! It’ll make the whole difference!

Have a nice week. Happy Trails,

Elizabeth McNally
Mentor & Licensed Certified EI Coach

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In a nutshell, I am an attentive, compassionate person who wishes to make a difference in people`s lives.
Some 17 years of experience as a Mentor & Coach, pertinent Career and life experiences, a Master’s degree in Education and additional training in Emotional Intelligence and Compassion Fatigue enable me to better perceive my clients’ needs. Because of this, I know how to help my clients clarify their thoughts, pinpoint issues and take concrete, suitable action to solve the problem, in record time.
My clients then regain the appealing glow and spark of the keen, confident, energetic people they’ve always been. They walk away with the pride and triumphant joy of having overcome.