On occasion I have powerful, disturbing dreams. In once instance during a reiki session the dream became not a dream but it felt so real it terrified me. I was absolutely convinced that I had murdered two people and buried them in a basement even though in ‘real life’ the house did not have a basement.

This dream returns to me in different forms. Now it is only one body - a body I have cut into pieces and disposed of in a black bin liner. It is place in a wooden coffin. People gathered for the burial want to take one last photograph of the dead person. If this happens I will be discovered as the murderer.

This is powerfully disturbing. This is how I see myself from within my unconscious. When I was writing ‘black bin’ in the long hand draft I actually wrote the word ‘bad.’ On an unconscious level I see myself as a ‘bad person’ in the representation of a murderer. In everyday living this is not how I consciously see myself at all, but there is a dichotomy here between the inner and outer images.

I have never really had much insight into these dreams except that there is a deep feeling of fear and guilt. There is the feeling that I have done something really bad and that I must bury the evidence but I live in fear of being found out. What it is I have buried is symbolised by the dismembered body and burying it in a basement, yet I have yet to get insight into these symbols.

One technique is to ask for forgiveness and absolution from a higher power. This is something that I have done when this type of dream arises. The last time I did this was this morning. I saw in my mind’s eye the radiant colour blue. It began to expand and fill the whole of my head. I felt blessed to be bathed in this light.

This is interesting to me because at present I am being drawn to the investigate contacting my inner guides. This invitation is one that I have resisted for a long time and in some ways am still cynical about. When people talked about angels and channelling I just shrugged off these ideas as fantasy. More and more I am becoming willing to invite the possibility.

I was recently drawn to an article in the UK magazine Spirit and Destiny written by Gordon Smith. Normally I would consider such articles nonsense but I read it and liked what I read. I especially liked the focus on a body awareness and allowing and trusting the process. He also gave the practical advice regarding what I refer to as ‘pushing the river.’ This is where the ego pushes to acquire a connection to a higher power that it wishes to connect with for its own purposes.

Here is what Gordon Smith advises:

When you start tuning into Spirit don’t be in a hurry to prove anything to yourself. If you do you could start believing in the creations of your imagination rather than a spiritual message.

This is some of the soundest advice I have come across when researching what is really an invitation to opening the sixth, or brow, chakra. He goes on further to say:

First, learn how to sit in silence and expect nothing. This is the first technique I teach my students.

Again powerful (and sensible) advice. It could almost be a Rumi poem. This is a great healing technique because you are inviting the unknown to be made known through your. This practice is anathema to the ego. You are given this peerless sage advice.

Sit in silence and expect nothing.

The ego, which is the ever grasping one, will begin to imagine all sorts of things in order to justify itself, to get of this ‘not knowing’ and non-grasping state. The mind may well run amok. This is to be expected. Again, the running amok is simply to be allowed to be and witnessed.

Gordon Smith goes on to describe what is essentially a guided meditation using the image of white light pouring into and through the body – a kind of elevated body scanning technique. This is a great first step and is a fundamental one that Gordon Smith calls “ Be your own spirit whisperer.” This is essentially a technique and a process for allowing the connection of the inner guru or whispering spirit. I have had spirit guides whisper to me before but I made no attempt to activate that connection. However, each time was during a period of heightened awareness. One was after a year of travelling in India and spending time at the ashram of the then Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh. The other time was during an experience of satori.

Now I am being drawn to actively explore what Gordon Smith calls spirit whispering or what he refers to in his new book as ‘Intuitive Studies.’ I like the idea of intuitive studies as this is essentially what I am already doing. The intuitive is connected to the opening of the sixth chakra, which for me is connected to the opening of the root chakra. In my personal life these two chakras are linked in ways that may not be with other people.

Insight into the disturbing dreams that occur came not from the intellect but from the higher knowing. This higher knowing begins when you are able to relax into the unknown, which is frightening because you can release content from the unconscious that you fear. This seems to be what is happening to me at this stage of the process. Gordon Smith is doing a serious of articles on How to Become Your Own Spirit Whisperer. I can’t wait. Who would have thought it of this reformed sceptic!

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Tony Cuckson is a writer, professional storyteller, folk singer and workshop leader. He shares maps of personal and spiritual development with a focus on The Way of Chakra Healing. You can discover the way of union of the human with being, the union of the personal with the universal the way of Love after love by visiting his website The Way of Chakra Healing http://www.thewayofchakrahealing.com