The availability of alcohol and drugs is almost everywhere. Many people are being tempted to try it thinking about the excitement that these things can provide to them. For others who want to escape the unfavorable realities of the world, drugs and alcohol serve as tools for them to temporarily forget their disappointments, failures, heartaches, and pains. They tend to believe that using these things can help them solve their problems, which is absolutely untrue. Taking an online alcohol drug awareness class can help educate and rehabilitate the abuser.

There are thousands of drugs which are helpful to people. Vaccines and antibiotics have revolutionized the cure and treatment for infections. Medicines were specifically researched, studied, and created to slow, prevent, and cure a variety of disease and sickness. They were intended to help people live healthier and happier lives. But not all medicines are good for the health. There are many of which are illegal and harmful, that many people take to have a good time and help them feel good. Alcohol is no different. Although there are scientific studies that show that for example a small amount of red wine can be beneficial to the body, many people who drink this do not know that moderation exists.

Excessive alcohol and drug use is detrimental to health. Alcohol dependence can lead people to have chronic diseases like inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatic); damage to liver cells (liver cirrhosis); various cancers like liver, throat, mouth, larynx, and esophagus cancer. Excessive intake of alcohol can also cause psychological disorders and high blood pressure. It can also lead to incidents of unintentional injuries like falls, burns, drowning, as well as vehicle-motor traffic crashes. Lastly, alcohol can lead to domestic violence, child abuse, homicide, and even suicide. For women, it can harm the developing fetus should they drink during pregnancy.

Harmful drugs are likewise unsafe. They can have long term and serious effects on the body. They can cause immediate and life threatening health conditions like heart attack, failure of the respiratory system, and even comatose. Tranquilizers and barbiturates are some of the most commonly abused drugs under prescription. They can lead to having nausea, seizures, and can cause hangover –like signs. On the other hand, cocaine can lead to psychosis and tremors while LSD can cause depression, nausea, rapid heart rate, and disorientation. Hashish and marijuana can cause memory impairment and rapid heart rate as soon as they are used. These drugs can lead to lung damage, weakened immune system, infertility, and cognitive problems. A student can take 12 hour alcohol drug classes online or 52 hour, depending on the depth of information and amount of time wants to contribute.

Drinking alcohol while using any type of drugs can be fatal. For those who are still not convinced on how these things can ruin their lives, it's not yet too late to acknowledge mistakes and start anew. It might be difficult at the beginning and it can be challenging to seek help but as long as they are equipped with the right attitude, they can surely surpass this very trying time of their lives. Life is too short and this is the right time for them to stop alcohol and drug addiction. Online Drug and Alcohol Classes provide a secure, private environment for addicts to rehabilitate. An individual simply goes online and can find a California alcohol and drug class online, Alaska ,Vermont or from any of the 50 States!

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