America has an abundant supply of two things oil and fad diets. Week after week new diets are introduced via the media whose tenets are very questionable. Anecdotal tales not factual data drives these programs. The latest dietary regimen to broach our shores is the Dukan Diet. Conceived in France, this program received heightened interest because of its use by the newly married English princess. Dr.Pierre Dukan's program is remarkably similar to the old Atkins regimen. As research progressed over a forty year period the Atkins program fell into disfavor in the diet community, partially because of potential health risks. Now drawn from the proverbial moth balls a revisionist version of this program has moved into our neighborhood. Those in the know state it could endanger one's health or even worse. On superficial inspection one encounters for steps: attack, cruise, consolidation and stablization. Each step varies caloric intake and food content. On closer inspection, it is neither a diet nor a lifestyle change. Many of the foods allowed through the various stages are the same foods whioh made these people obese. Further, the Dukan diet has the potential of increasing cholesterol and other fatty acids in the blood.Also blood sugar may destabilze to a point making this regimen untenable for most people. With a powerful American publisher and millions in ad revenue behind it factual information concerning its true content, methodology and results will be drowned out.
A program that evolved in America is quietly moving through the diet community is The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide For Rapid Weight Loss, authored by Mark Davis, M.D. This scientifically derived regimen is based on input by thousands of dieters, not anecdotal tales as noted in the fad programs. By studying the causes of weight gain in these people certain commonalities emerged in their eating habits.Restricting and or eliminating specific foods and or food groups in these individuals caused initial weight loss in the range 4 to 8 pounds per week. More remarkable cholesterol and blood sugar levels dropped substantially. At the core of the Millenium Diet is a high protein restricted calorie regimen that eliminates many of the ills of the Western diet. Dukan's program attempts to circumvent human physiology, the American born Millenium Diet works with the body to obtain results that can only be dreamt of by the author by this import.
Too many fads diets have harmed those who are serious about losing weight. You know who these gurus of nonsense are, their faces shine all over the media. A program must have three elements to be called a legitimate diet regimen. Expeditious weight loss must occur, it must be safe and blood profiles must be enhanced, as noted earlier. Dukan is another fad being foistered on the American populous which fatten their wallets as its depletes yours. Be smart, be selective and read as much as you can before embarking on your selected program.

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Mark Davis, M.D.
Author of the Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide For Rapid Weight Loss and Demons of Democracy.
A native of New York City, now lives and works near the environs of Washington D.C. Physician, author, healthcare strategist