One of the main factors to having a strong personality and a happy life is to have a certain amount of confidence about the self and to have a positive self-image. This means to be aware of one’s strengths and short-comings and being comfortable with both.

You cannot pinpoint where self-esteem originates in a person. However, some psychologists believe that having parents with strong personalities affects the self-esteem of a child to a great extent, whereas some say that it is not a matter of inheritance and that it is only a matter of chance, while still others believe that some people it is innate that some people. But a popular belief is that the surroundings and the atmosphere have a great impact on a person’s self-esteem. Experiences, parental behaviour, friends and one’s own self-image have a great effect on a person’s personality

Personal experiences includes one’s experience in his or her childhood, in school, at home; the image amongst friends; at workplace. One who is suffering from self-esteem issues will be constantly anxious about how others perceive them and will be in a continued effort to gain their acceptance.

Parental behaviour and the example they set for their children also have a great deal to do with the child’s personality. If a person has trusting and caring parents without over-possessiveness may have greater confidence in one’s own self than anyone who have cynical and judgemental parents. If a parent does not give their child space to think for him and always bosses them around the child would grow up to an indecisive and a dependant adult which will impact his life socially, personally, career-wise and emotionally.

Ones friends and acquaintances have a lot to do with a person’s self-esteem. If a person is part of a group where individual qualities are appreciated rather than standardised beliefs it really helps the person’s confidence and ego. However, if one is in a situation where there is no value for his opinion and they are constantly being looked down then they will suffer from low self-esteem.

Being aware of one’s strengths and talents can also lead to an enhanced confidence and ego. More so, if the talent is unique. It heightens a person’s self-esteem to a great degree if their talent can impress or awe people. Appreciation from people always has a positive effect on a person’s self-esteem. This is why people try more and more everyday to achieve higher and higher goals, which will get them appreciation and respect from people around them uplifting their self-confidence.

Nevertheless, it does not naturally imply that if a person has a high level of self-esteem in one sphere of their life, they should have so in all the spheres of their life. A person can be high achiever at workplace yet might have issues in their personal life or have anxiety about their roles as a spouse, a parent or a sibling. Similarly a person might be very confident and comfortable in the personal sphere yet might suffer a low self0esteem when it comes to their professional life. Although it is not a very easy task, one must keep trying to improve their self-esteem in the sphere they believe to be lacking in.

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