As the pandemic pushed consumers indoors in March 2020, customers across the globe expanded their reliance on e-commerce websites. With the increasing concern over the virus and a stay-at-home order, the robust business of e-commerce will not get the sack anytime soon. The transition to an e-commerce psyche did not only happen in vicinities where online shopping was already prevalent but was also observed in cultures where local, cash-dependent shopping was the norm.

starting an e-commerce business

The Covid-19 apocalypse brought about a massive change in consumer behaviour which in a traditional setting would take years to attain. The adoption of online shopping is a blessing in disguise. Not only has it created numerous job opportunities, but it has also catalysed convenience, customisation and flexibility, providing an amicable interface to the shoppers.

If you’re thinking of starting an e-commerce business , here are a few tips that will help you triumph in the domain of e-commerce:

Choosing the “right” forum

Choosing the right platform is the paramount step in the modus operandi of building a successful e-commerce business. You need to find the ideal e-commerce software or application that fits your niche the best. If you are unsure of the platform, take some time to research before planning your next course of action. There are established brands like Shopify, Amazon offering creme de la creme amenities. You can integrate with other websites if you are planning to scale up your business.

Promotion of the brand

Presence over social media is a make or break factor in establishing a brand image. In comparison, Google Ads ( an attribute of Google) targets active buyers who are readily looking for a product to buy, social media targets passive buyers who might be intrigued by your product and end up buying it. Visual platforms like Facebook, Instagram have patronising brands to create their portfolios and use various platform features ( Facebook live, Instagram stories, promotion through a social media influencer, etc.) to promote their products. Pinterest, TikTok are other popular options if you are trying to reach a younger demographic audience.

Customer Service

Due to the numerous options available whilst making purchases on an online portal, customers realise their online shopping autonomy now more than ever. Your e-commerce website is a dime in a dozen if your customers are not satisfied with your customer care services. If you want to build a promising customer network or an imperishable brand, focus on an amicable, effective and swift customer service interface. Disruption in the supply chain could delay the shipments of the product. Make sure the production, supply chain management works simultaneously.

E-commerce cannot entirely replace brick-mortar shopping but will continue to expand its dominance in the coming years. Online shopping is becoming the standard operating procedure in the 21st century. Businesses need to transition and draw level with the consumer behaviour in order to sustain in business. Theoretical tips always come in hand, but it’s even better to draw conclusions from empirical evidence. To validate what’s working and what’s not, start testing.

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