Each day we wake up with the chance of making today the best day of our life. We have the choice to have a good day. We must use our free will and choose to have that best day of our life. How can we do this each morning as the alarm wakes us from our dreams?

About three weeks ago, I woke up and it was raining. No, it wasn't just raining it was a pouring rain. Rain and I don't exactly get along especially after days and days and days of cloudiness and rain. This particular morning was one of those mornings. I didn't want to get out of bed; I didn't want to go to work; I didn't want a million other things. Are you getting the feeling of negativity brewing within me with all of those didn'ts? I was setting myself up for a really bad mood. I was setting myself up for a deep dark place that was not fit for anyone or anything. This day was going to be out of control if I wasn't careful. My awakening with clouds doesn't mean that my whole day will be cloudy with a chance of rain.

As the day crept on, I kept working on refocusing my thoughts. I like rain, without rain there would not be any flowers, green grass, lakes to sail my boat and etc...Then a clash of thunder would sound, or heavier rain would fill my head from the roof above. As suddenly as the sound of thunder or more rain arrived, my mood would shift back to the thought of "I hate the rain." When this shift occured my mood would become darker and darker.

Trouble was brewing. I knew it, and I had the skills and tools to keep my mood lighter, but for some strange reason I wasn't able to stay in the light. The dark cloud was now fully enveloping me, and my mood was reflecting back that dark cloud. The more the day went onward, the harder it was for me to keep shifting out of that darkness. Eventually after several hours, I managed to keep one foot in light and one foot in the dark.

The way to keep from spiraling downwards like that, and out of the dark clouds of the soul we have a choice. The moment the alarm sounds, the moment we are fully and consciously awake, just lie in your warm safe bed, and give thanks. Give thanks for your blessings. Give thanks with a grateful heart for all that you have been given. After going down through your blessing list you will forget that it's 27 degrees outside, or that you would rather stay in bed. You'll just begin to get up feeling refreshed, and ready for your day.

Here's one more thing about a new day. If we can learn to live moment by moment, then I would have a better chance of staying happy, healthy and joyful.

We need to learn to handle one thing at a time, and be in that moment of time. Put all your thoughts about yesterday or tomorrow behind you, and be in this moment. As it is often said this moment is your gift and in that moment is your choice to become a happier person.

Yesterday and today it has been raining much like it was three weeks ago. Today, I'm happy and glad that I am at work. I have learned that there is much to be thankful for. More importantly I have learned that staying in the present really helps keep my new day a better day.

The choice is yours. Each day we wake up is a new day to begin again. We can choose to be wrapped up in the negative thoughts, and what's wrong with our lives or what's wrong with the weather as in my example.

We can also choose to be joyful and content in what's right with our lives by being in the moment and counting our blessings. Which will you choose on your new day?

Author's Bio: 

Carrie Fleharty by day is a mild mannered school librarian, but at night she's become a successful author. She is now a practicing Personal Life Coach. She enjoys helping people become successful in any endeavor that they feel is important to them. She enjoys and embraces change and sees it as a way to improve herself. She intends to keep improving her life, and keeps challenging herself to become a better person. She thoroughly enjoys expressing herself through the written word. And has written two books "Changes and Shifts: a Personal Journey" and "A Poet's Mind and Soul."

Her soul ignites through spiritual fire. She understands that the right spark can take a person to new meanings and new beginnings through a deeper sense of self. She is a seeker; she seeks Truth, the Devine, Spirituality, and Love. She believes that a spark will flame up to spread Truth. This Truth will be made known to all who seek.

After all "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." A Return to Love: Reflections on a Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson. Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand. I will be that helping hand in either personal, spiritual, health and wellness or being a mentor.