Hold the stone in your hands and visualize the damage done by the natural disaster. Visualize yourself entering the *Larimar stone and see yourself pulling blue energy into your aura from the stone until your aura is saturated with blue energy. Visualize yourself holding any negativity within your etheric hands and see it dissolve into a light blue mist. The Larimar stone is a “stone for Earth healing.” It represents peace and clarity, and it emits an energy of healing and love.

*If you do not have a piece of Larimar available, you may feel free to use another blue stone, or some other blue item that is precious to you.

*Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. The information within this guide is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystal Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.

Author's Bio: 

Ashley has been drawn to work with crystals and stones since childhood. After years of self-study, she began earning a number of professional certifications in crystal healing. Ashley Leavy is a Master of Crystology and is Certified and accredited in Melody’s Level I & Level II Love is in the Earth Workshops. She has also studied with Master Crystal Teacher DaEl Walker of the Crystal Awareness Institute. Ashley has earned many other certifications over the years and considers continuing education on the subject to be a top priority. Ashley is also a member of the Global Spiritual & Holistic Association, which strives to support a professional approach and a high standard of practice for ethical and conscientious holistic therapists. In addition to offering healing sessions, Ashley loves to teach and presents a number of in-person workshops as well as correspondences courses on crystal healing. She is also an accomplished, published author and is currently writing a book on crystal healing.
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