In the ACT test, you’ll have the option of whether or not to take the Writing test. The ACT Writing test is not bound to test your knowledge about a certain topic, but it is rather designed to evaluate your English writing skills. How does the ACT Writing test go?

The test starts by having the test takers reading a prompt, after which they are given 40 minutes to write an essay pertaining to it. This can quite be rigorous, especially as the graders of this test expect the test takers to develop a logical essay about a topic that may be unfamiliar to them. The other sections of the ACT test that are English, Reading, Math and Science are comprised of multiple choice questions while the Writing test requires students to create an essay. It’s basically trickier, but here are valuable tips about how to get a high score in ACT Writing:

Be informed about how the Writing test is graded. Your essay will be graded according to the following parameters, such as:

• Organization
• Development and Support
• Ideas and Analysis
• Use of Language and Conventions


You have to be able to write your essay in a clear and logical order. As the graders read your essay, they ought to be guided through your argument in a rational manner. Since you are given only 40 minutes to develop your essay, the most befitting method to use is the 5-paragraph essay structure. Thus, it should be composed of an Introduction, 3 Supporting Paragraphs and a Conclusion.

Development and Support

How well can you rationalize your idea? Can you logically support your argument? You can cite examples to support your claim in relation to this criterion of the ACT Writing test. A strong argument can be created by indicating specific examples from art, politics, science or history, including your own personal history or experience.

Ideas and Analysis

This parameter will measure your ability in generating content which is relevant and engaging at the same time. Being able to develop a logical essay about the topic at hand indicates that you can comprehend the issue that you have been asked to address. Write in your own words and make your argument specific to show the graders that you know what you are doing.

Use of Language and Conventions

Be particular about your English grammar, syntax and word choice when developing your essay. Consider that you should be able to apply these elements correctly and strategically. See to it that your writing style and tone are accurate as well. Make your sentences varied and creative in order to catch the attention of the graders. You should be able to demonstrate good command of the English language, especially in supporting your argument. Words that you use should be appropriate and you should be skilled in utilizing transition words. The progression of your essay ought to be logical so that your content will stand out.

Be accurate in developing your essay by following a timeline:

• Utilize 2 minutes for reading the prompt;
• Allocate 3 minutes to develop your essay thesis and brainstorm your ideas
• Create your outline in 4 minutes
• Designate 28 minutes to write your essay
• Use 3 minutes to proofread and edit your work.

Be calm and focused when taking your ACT Writing test so that your ideas will flow smoothly, enabling you to create a well-developed and logical essay. These simple and practical tips should e able to guide you in passing and acing this particular test.

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