While most people are aware of the benefits of daily meditation, it still is not a particularly common practice. If you were to take 10 random people off of the street, it’s unlikely that even ONE of those people consistently practices mediation each and every day. There are a number of reasons why most people won’t take the plunge and start meditating every day and improve their life, but the main one is the fact that it’s just plain hard to take on a new habit. Thankfully it actually tends to be easier to take on a new daily habit than a new habit that operates on an irregular schedule, but at the end of the day there isn’t anything particularly easy for most people when it comes to changing behavior.

If you’re going to take on a new habit of daily meditation than you need to learn how to change your behavior and how to build new behaviors. Most people are ineffective at taking on new habits because they don’t really understand this process. Most people assume that, because it is challenging for most people, taking on new habits and behaviors effectively must be a complicated thing. They construct ridiculous systems to try and force themselves to meditate daily.

Unfortunately, complicated methods of building new behaviors almost never work BECAUSE they are complicated. By nature a complicated system has more components involved within it, and the more components involved in a system the more things that can go wrong. To build the daily meditation habit, you need to keep things simple.

So that means, first and foremost, that your practice itself needs to be simple. Forget about mantras. Forget about mandalas. Forget about lighting incense and candles and any other multi-step ritual surrounding your practice. When starting your daily meditation habit you’re going to strip the practice down as simply as possible. All you’re going to do is sit down and clear your mind as best as possible. That’s it.

Because this practice is so simple and involves nothing that you don’t carry with you everywhere, it will be immediately that much easier to take on than a practice that involves all sorts of pros. But there is a way to make this practice even simpler and easier, and to all but ensure that you will adopt the habit for life.

You need to make it easy to feel like you succeeded in your practice. Doing this is very simple. First, you can’t guage the depth of your meditation as any indication of whether you can count the practice as a win or not. As long as you sit and close your eyes and attempt to clear your thoughts, you will have succeeded. Second, you are only going to have to sit for 1 minute. If you want to sit and meditate for long than you are welcome to, but saying that you need to meditate for even 15 minutes can be intimidating enough to prevent you from engaging in the practice. But anyone can commit to 1 minute a day of meditation.

Building habits involves nothing more than making that habit as simple as possible, and that’s incredibly true when it comes to daily meditation.

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