Disabled children throughout the world face many difficulties in learning and even leading a happy life. Sometimes obstacles include families who are not supportive and other social factors. But, in today’s world people are breaking those barriers. We can see that disabled people are going for higher studies and are taking up jobs in various sectors. They have beaten their disability with willpower and motivation and no longer consider their impairments to be ‘obstacles’. The reason behind this positive approach towards life is that they had a teacher who acted as a guide. Therefore it is important to have a good educator who will help in overcoming difficulties of life.

Here we will discuss how one can become a proficient educator who will be helping children with impairments and the first step to that is to take up a special education Course which consists of the several methods to educate children with disabilities. With the help of the course, the teacher will create a friendly environment where the child will get enough motivation to not only learn a subject or topic but also interact freely with the teacher without any hesitation.

The special education programs are designed for students who may be physically, mentally or socially delayed. For this reason, there are special classrooms or schools aimed at teaching children and helping them to learn and grow. Teachers who will impart special education will learn how to teach in these classrooms. However, at times, disabled children are also taught in regular classrooms with normal children so that they can socialize easily. We will now discuss some of the methods with which the teacher can educate his or her students. To know more about these methods interested candidates must pursue the special education Course from a reputed institution.

1)Students who have difficulties in writing must be given oral instructions and reading materials.

2)Teachers must check the progress of disabled students more often to determine their progress.

3)Provide helpful feedback and suggestions to disabled students so that they can see what was taught and what was learned.

4)Teachers must make any assignment for students short as long projects become very frustrating for a disabled child.

5)Teachers should use easy words and sentences since disabled students have difficulty in learning abstract terms and concepts.

6)After completion of a given task or objective, the teacher must praise the students so that they get the motivation to perform better in their future tasks.

7)Repetition works well while teaching a topic or subject to disabled children. Hence teachers must repeat instructions in both written and verbal formats.

8)It is necessary for a teacher to encourage cooperative learning activities when possible. Community programs also help in the learning process of the disabled students.

As said earlier that there are several procedures for managing impaired children. Aspiring candidates, therefore, must take up the special education Course so that they can gain insight into the teaching approaches and methodologies for disabled children and since a number of institutions today are focusing on imparting special education, candidates will face no problems in finding a job as a teacher in any of these institutions.

Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope is an experienced teacher at Institute of International Teachers Training who has helped develop our special education Course which has helped our candidates to become highly proficient teachers in imparting education to disabled children.