To embody one's life takes courage and deep breathing. Breathing into your belly = relaxing = full pleasure experiences. Yoga or Buddha breathing, which any vocalist knows well, means to breath into the belly instead of the shallow, militaristic style which most men, at least, have been trained to do. Hence, breathing into our chest simply holds the tension that we want to release in our lives.

Breathing into your belly provides much needed oxygen and from there you can spread your energy to every cell, system and organ of your body. All Tantrikas know this only too well with a big grin on their faces.

Try this out. Breathing in (inhale) fill your belly up like you were filling up an empty balloon. Yes, let that belly fill up and stretch outward (no shame). On the exhale, pull your belly back in to empty out the air. When breathing this way, you can either pause at the top of the inhale and exhale or simply breathe continuously. However, I warn you...going fast will simply make you dizzy. Breathing in this fashion gives you so much oxygen that you may not be used to receiving or giving to yourself. So, breathe in slowly and breathe out slowly.

Perhaps add an intention to your breathing practice, such as "I want more courage in my life" or "I desire to be a fully assertive (non-aggressive) individual."

Do this practice for simply 3 -5 8 - 10 minutes a day and experience in your life amazing results.

When you have this practice working well for yourself, add self-touch. Start with your finger tips on the crown of your head and work slowly down your entire body, remembering to include your genital area as well and your pelvic floor. If you are fearful or become anxious, simply pause and allow the awareness to remain and talk with it gently and tenderly asking it what it has to say to you. Listen to that inner guide.

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Somatic Coach, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, sexological bodyworker, former addictions counselor. I work with men primarily, though not exclusively.