Can we really accomplish anything great without support? All things in life require some sort of support to truly succeed. At this moment I’m looking at a mother dove in her nest, nestled upon a support beam. The foundation of my home has strong support that holds it up during storms. The law of gravity supports our very existence.

My point is this. When we are learning how to break free from emotional eating it is very important to get support. This is especially true if emotional eating is affecting your life on a daily basis.

I will not lie, emotional eating is not easy to overcome for at least the first 3-6 months. If you have adequate support, you can accomplish twice as much. After you get the hang of the breaking free process, and start having breakthroughs, the light at the end of the tunnel is so rewarding it propels you further!

Emotional eating support is so powerful because it helps us work out the quirks of resistance that arise anytime we are learning and stretching in new ways. Without support, we can fall one week, not have someone standing to help us up and feel overwhelmed, or even do what I originally did and walk out on the process before it really gets good.

Breaking free from emotional eating is a process. A very worthwhile process (see article Breaking Free from Emotional Eating), but a process. So the support you obtain can make or break your success.

Emotional eating support can also take many forms. Information is one level of support. For those that only suffer from emotional eating seasonally, information alone (via books, classes, etc.) is probably enough to get you out of a negative emotional eating cycle.

Another level of support is personal, on-going, emotional support. This can either be in a group forum or one-on-one. For those that do suffer on a daily or weekly basis, informational support alone is typically not enough. This is because the deeper we are stuck in the cycle the more we need a process to pull us back out. The process is much easier and more readily attainable with outside support.

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Laurel Inman is a certified life coach, coach trainer and the author of Eating With Heart: The 5 Steps to Freedom From Emotional Eating. You may find more of Laurel’s work at: