A lot of emphasis in our society is put on our IQ and how well we do in school regurgitating informational facts. As I researched this area I realized that although there are some exceptions to the rule. This doesn’t seem to have any bearing on true success.
I mean if I wanted somebody that can just spit out information I would just ask Google. So why are we training our children to be Google bots instead of critical thinking human beings? Why don’t we teach our children how to deal with there emotions or even what they are? Instead it seems to be completely avoided and not dealt with at all.
So have we become an immature society just throwing temper tantrums when we can’t spit out information at the rate the world demands? I see it in the adult world just as much as I see it in children. Omg why did so and so get the promotion and not me. He or she thinks there so great there always kissing so and so’s butt. Not realizing there just jealous and being immature. A mature person would be happy for the other’s promotion and would look to them in order to improve there own qualities.
So I ask why is there not a class in schools for children to learn about there emotions? What emotions are and most importantly how to deal with them in a positive manner. It seems to me to be more important than who is able to process numbers at the fastest rate, even though we have computers that can do that for us. I realize we need mathematicians but do I really want to work with one that doesn't except when there wrong and go storm off with poopy pants.

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