During these difficult economic times we are living in, it is very important to find ways to stay empowered. Creating your own forms of livelihood are essential. When one loses their regular means of employment, what comes with that often is a sense of dis-empowerment, feeling like you have lost your only way to support your self and family through the financial stability you once had.

But this is not the truth of the matter, if you choose to use this experience as a way to empower yourself instead! So, I am asking you now, what is it that you do well? Really well, and usually people love you for it, know you from it, compliment you about it? What can you create that other people need? When you create something of this nature, it may be slow at first, but if you hang in there and really work on it you will gradually build momentum, especially if you are doing an excellent job for people. They themselves will be your best advertisers for you, spreading the good word of what you have done for them, and recommending you to all. The money earned can become a nice supplemental income for you.

I will share with you an example of my own experience: One of my passions is being a vegan (for over 30 years now). I do not like imposing my views on others, but I LOVE sharing my views and food with others who are already interested in the vegan lifestyle. These are always people who are interested in eating healthier on a regular basis. So what I did was created a service just for friends, people whom I personally know. I prepare healthy meals for them three days a week, so they can experience first hand what it's like. The people love it. I do not charge them, but accept donations / contributions. They pay me generously or minimally- what ever they can afford. You can do this too.

Can you repair things well? Start your own service for helping others in your neighborhood or the world neighborhood through the internet. Especially if it is computer repairs; this can be done remotely. Do your research and get something started.

Can you sew? In many areas this is becoming a lost art. Give sewing classes, perhaps at the local community college. Teach children how to hand sew and sew with a machine. This can even be done on line as well. You can create an on-line sewing course for others.

Start a membership site of some sort. Provide a service that is awesomely helpful to people looking for that assistance. Find ways to let them find you through opt-in forms, social networks, YouTube instructional videos, etc.

Do you write? Is it a passion of yours to write stories, poems, inspirational, instructional or informational articles? You can submit your qualified articles to EzineArticles.com, SelfGrowth.com, About.com websites, and much more! Write for a periodical, an on-line article based site, write a book and sell it on Amazon, create your own site or blog and help others while you do it! Always include your valuable linkage to your own website or landing page at the end in the biography section of your article or book.

So, I am simply presenting a very few ideas to you here. There are so many more things one can do to create some supplementary income OR major substantial income- by working at home.

We must take a leap and get out of our comfort zone to do this. But we can do it. It is well worth it, don't you think you should look to ways to empower your own self? Are you ready to end the misery associated with letting others define your value and worth based on their standards and rules? Get up and start to dig yourself out of the hole. You can do it. Everyone has the same remarkable power within. Find someone that will mentor and encourage you to soar to your heights.

You can do it my friend. Much Love & Success to you!

Author's Bio: 

Shakeenah Kedem is an Holistic Wellness Provider, Better Health Naturally Lifestyle Coach, Spiritual Intuitive Reader, and multi-faceted artist. She can be contacted via her main website http://www.yourakashikreader.com