The leaves are falling, falling as from far,
from wilting in the heavens' farthest gardens:
They're falling to negate the summer's mirth.
And in the nights the heavy Earth
falls into solitude from star to star.
We all are falling. This my hand here bends.
And look at others: Fall's in all their calling.
And yet there's One, who's holding all this falling
forever tender in His upturned hands...
Rainer Maria Rilke
Enchanted Autumn

Ever since I was a child I have been enchanted each year by the few autumn weeks. Suddenly, from one day to another the woods with all their trees looked magical. How I loved going for walks to pick up colourful leaves and to choose the nicest ones to take them home with me. How I loved collecting chestnuts.

What is it about autumn that makes some of us look forward to it so much?

Well, what is there NOT to look forward to? Isn’t it beautiful after the heat of the summer to finally be able to cool down again, to be able to breathe? It’s time for cosy cardigans, wool jumpers and colourful scarfs. It’s time for wellingtons and jumping into puddles. It’s time for long romantic walks with that special someone you had met during spring time when the whole world falls in love. By autumn your love is as ripe as the fruits, trees and leaves. If your love endured spring and summer, then for sure it will unfold into something beautiful in autumn for now you can cosy up on the couch under a blanket to keep each other warm.

Autumn is also about letting go. While leaves are falling from the trees, so are we. Like Rielke wrote in his amazingly beautiful poem: “ We all are falling”. And indeed we are. Autumn is about letting go of whatever happened in the last year. It’s time to reevaluate your friendships. Some friends who came into our lives might well be leaving again after the superficial summer parties are over. Some romances might end as soon as the first leaves start falling. We start questioning ourselves and our behaviours for we start going deep inside of us again and to reflect more.

Yes, autumn has this magical reflective power. We start preparing ourselves for the winter to come, where we will be further falling. Falling into who we really are, to our core being. While our summer tan and the highlights in our hairs vanish, while our flirty eyes turn more melancholic, we all undergo an external transformation which will give way to an even deeper internal transformation for autumn is the start of a big metamorphosis within us.

We start reflecting about the year the passed, some of us celebrate Thanksgiving and get into a thankful state of mind.

We might start feeling melancholic and feel as if “the heavy earth falls into solitude from star to star” for some of us don’t want to reflect on the year gone by and the friends that came and left again, for we want to hold on to our relationships and friendships no matter what. Some of us only feel loved when constantly surrounded by lots of people. We feel lonely and abandoned when some of these acquaintances leave again and will do everything to get them back or to substitute those who left.

But why not learn from Autumn? Why not understand that change is inevitable, that some friendships or relationships will remain or morph into something better over the winter while others have to leave so that better and stronger foundations for new relationships can be built. Everything and everyone is falling like beautiful falling meteors. It’s a spectacle of light and colours in the physical world and within ourselves.

Autumn is about being humble. It’s about appreciating what we seeded during the year and be thankful for the rewards we gained and taking this thankfulness right until the very end of the year so that we can start a new magical year with lots of energy, better ideas, inspirations and more love.

Yes, all this process starts in Autumn whether you can feel/see or sense it or not. It’s right there in front of our eyes. Each colourful leave that is falling dancingly it’s way down to the ground is a little reminder for us to be fully in the present and observe nature’s most magnificent splash of colours and art.

So go out there everyone, go for long walks, and observe the trees, the leaves, the autumny colours. Breathe in deeply and while you exhale let go of all your tensions from the past year for you are making room for so many new things.

Happy Autumn everyone, may it be a magical one!

Author's Bio: 

Lais Stephan is the Founder of Be Happy Now (www.behappy-now.com) where she works as a certified Alternative Therapy Practitioner with holistic methods, such as REIKI, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), FastTrack Technique (Magnet Therapy & Matrix Reimprinting.

Lais also created several guided meditation & healing programs and teaches Reiki internationally.

Lais has a passion for photography, writing and blogging.