Endless Tapes

Kids don’t have endless tapes. We interact, we express ourselves, and then we forgive, forget, and move on. We do not clutter our minds and our energy with the negative.

Adults have tapes, your endless tapes, are those stories you tell yourselves over and over again. Often, it has to do with a situation you constantly relive, and carry it forward in your mind and play it again and again. You relive the story and a future that you imagine.

How often do you play your endless tapes in your mind? How often does the same story play over and over and over in your mind?

How often did you make it up or assume it? How often have you made it real in you mind and then did so in life? How often did you find out your tape was wrong?

So, why do you play the endless tapes? Why do you assume and get carried away with the story and what you will or will not do about it?

The tapes are a distraction and a hindrance. The tapes have no good value. How often do you play and replay the same tape of hurt and anger? How often do you play the tape of justification of why you did or did not do something?

How often have you let a day or a week or longer be ruined by an endless tape that was wrong?

It is time to stop the tapes. It is time to take control of the mind and use it for something constructive and positive. The mind will not remain empty, and it is up to us to use it constructively.

Replace the tape with positive constructive thought. Plan something. Study something. Create something. Think about the good times with friends. Read a good book right now. Focus fully on what you are doing, be it driving, cooking, or building something. Being in the now, fully focused on what you are doing, will bring peace. What you are doing will be better done, and you will see more and learn more about whatever it is, when you are fully focused on it in the now. Even driving, you will see more in the scenery, even if it is your normal route, than you will with endless tapes running.

Talk to me, play with me, read me a story. You may physically be with me but I know when your endless tapes have taken over. I can see it in your eyes and the fact you are distracted and no longer interested in me or what is going on around us.

There is much you can do in the now. Being in the now and focusing on what you are doing will bring pleasure. The tapes add no value and detract from what you are trying to do in the moment.    

How do I stop the tapes? Replace the tape with a new thought as discussed above. Sure, it will not last long when you first try it. So, every time you realize you are back in the tape, stop and change your focus. Just noticing you are in a tape is positive. Knowing you are in a tape allows you to step back from it, recognize it, and change it. The more you recognize and change it, the less frequently it will happen, and the easier it will be to change.

Changing the tape is a new habit. After a  period of time it will be automatic, and the endless tapes will become less and less frequent. You will be more focused, more productive, more alive, and happier.

Yes, stopping the tapes and replacing them is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Try it for 30 days and you will wonder why it took you so long to do it. 

Author's Bio: 

Russell Shippee enables people to live the life they desire. An author, speaker, and coach he motivates, empowers, and enables you to be the BEST You Can Be. He is the author of Our Journey is Our Work - Creating My Obituary and also an e-workbook Living My LIfe On Purpose. Russell also has a free newsletter at www.bethebestyoucanbe.net