Have you ever felt ,or has anyone ever told you ,that you are “too sensitive”? Perhaps the real problem is that you have not learned to manage your energetic boundaries. Do you feel drained after being in groups of people? Are you a healer that feels exhausted after working on just a few clients? Maybe just being around a coworker who is angry or depressed effects your mood. Learning to strengthen your energetic boundaries could give you more energy and peace in these situations.

What are Energetic Boundaries and what's the big deal? More and more people are learning to listen to their intuition, and be sensitive to the energies around them. That's great, but if you don't have a strong energetic boundary you can end up feeling burned out, struggle with issues of weight or addiction, or you could get sick and never know the reason. Sometimes people who give so generously of themselves develop dis-ease like fibromyalgia, chronic-fatigue syndrome and other disorders simply because they are unaware of how to manage their energetic boundaries with others and the world.

When people have weak energetic boundaries they often find themselves being easily irritated. It seems that everything annoys them and they may even know they are being unreasonable, but they just can't seem to help it. These people have opened a hole in their energy field and are leaking energy, but on some level they realize it and they pull their energy back, only to let it leak out again. This back and forth with their energy creates an irritation in their aura, resulting in an irritation in their emotional and mental bodies as well. Learning to close these holes will allow them to be the loving spirit they really are.

Learn practical skills for restoring strong energetic boundaries and be in charge of your life. With strong boundaries in place you will continue to sense the moods of other people, but you will no longer feel bombarded.

Knowing how to diagnose and strengthen your energetic boundaries, will keep you from feeling drained and keep you balanced. When you are consciously in control of your energy field you will have the ability to:
create safe effective boundaries
remain grounded during interactions with people
no longer feel run over by people who want to control you
stop people from using your energy

When someone is attempting to control you, you both loose power and become more susceptible to dis-ease. Your higher self will be giving you guidance to make a change. However, leaving the situation is only a temporary fix. Unless you learn to stand up for yourself without defensiveness or anger, you will continue to attract people into your life that will give you opportunities to learn to stand up for yourself with an open heart. As you learn these skills you will no longer be at the effect of the moods and attitudes of people around you. You will be more in charge of yourself, your moods, your energy and your life!

Some people mistakenly think that getting tougher or more stubborn is the answer. This inflexibility results in not being fully present in the moment and can also lead to feelings of guilt, which will lower your vibration. Inflexible boundaries results in a loss of energy and power.

Another common pitfall is to isolate and avoid social situations. This usually has the undesirable effect of leaving the person lonely, but also, isolation often inhibits one's spiritual growth because it is through relationship that we learn and grow.

Having several tools for different situations can empower you in many ways. If you only have a hammer, you tend to treat everything as if it were a nail. A good beginning tool is to have a conscious relationship with the four elements. For example, if you are aware of how earth energy is moving within you, you will know if it is out of balance, or if you are using your earth energy inappropriately to help other people. This has the same damaging effect as someone who is attempting to control someone. Working with nature spirits is another useful tool. For example, working with poison ivy as a spiritual teacher in meditation is a potent way to learn about energetic boundaries. There are also energy exercises, such as the Celtic Weave, which will strengthen and expand your energy field. Clearing and healing your chakras will eliminate energy leaks and results in a stronger energetic boundary.

We are all capable of being loving, powerful and sacred in all situation. Knowing how to manage your energy in a healthy and loving way will bring you closer to living an empowered, sacred life and give you more mastery in your life.

Author's Bio: 

Crystal Moon, a Reiki Master, has been meditating for 30 years & studing with a Native American shaman for 10 years. She has an MA in psychology with over 20 years of counseling experience. Crystal Moon is now a personal success and development coach, in Stone Mountain, GA, with clients all over the country. Up coming classes are: EFT - Jan. 21 at Stone Harbor Wellness Center, Stone Mountain, GA; Energetic Boundaries - Jan. 30th at Harmony Learning Center, Decatur, GA..