My Energy

Hi, many of you will know me as the Artist Jenni Eden. It is the incredible journey I have had with painting that has developed my faith in who I am and my faith with the Universal Energy.

If you have been to my website: you will see that much of my work is vibrant, bold and energetic. I chose to write down my journey in my book FACE2FAITH -A spiritual journey through paint, available through Amazon and But I have come to realise my energy work goes much deeper.

We are all energy and on some energetic level we are connected with all things, but the amazing thing is I have discovered we can control and utilize this energy to have the life of our dreams. As I have developed myself, I have become prouder of who I am, more accepting of who I am. I have learned to let go of my many limiting beliefs and now after many, many years I am loving myself unconditionally. I won't lie to you, it has been a really tough journey and one that has taken so long because I would turn off the path on occasions, or hide away in the same reactive behaviour blaming hormones or stress. However I can also see that the energy that connects us all can also heal us. I have made myself whole again and I am now rapidly seeing that I can also use this energy to heal others. This aspect of energy work is new to me and one I will definitely explore, perhaps tentatively. I would love my art to inspire you to reach for your dreams too, because anything really is possible.

Having persevered and discovered more about 'energy' I can now see the enormous benefits of bringing more of it into my life and sharing as much of it with others. So I am sharing this with you because I know there are many others out there like me who want to stop the merry-go-round and stop the negative self talk, long enough to allow yourself to get to know who you really are, understand the power of you and learn to help you to grow into a fulfilled and passionate being, the being the Universe is waiting patiently to help.

I can share with you the things that have helped me. They may not help you in the same way, but they could very well be the steps you need to take so that the Universe can then modify your search and bring to you better resources.

There are two books that have quite literally turned my life around. The first in 2003, was Dr Phil-'Self Matters' and the second in 2010 is 'The Sedona Method'. If you really are keen to explore the power of you and if you're not afraid of transforming into a calm and passionate human being then I really recommend you read these two books. Both have taken me months to complete that could be because I had a lot to deal with, you may find they take less time or even more, but it is time well worth investing in yourself.

So join me in our voyage of discovery, walk with me a while as we share practices that help us reconnect to the divine souls we are. Feel the difference opening out in your life as things become more positive, happier and fulfilled. Feel the vibration of energy as you open up and fill with more light and so too begin to radiate out the light and love of the Universe.

Author's Bio: 

Jenni is married to James and has a young daughter, Ellie. You can regularly see Jenni cycling or running with her dog Mollie, the most expensive 'free' dog on record, having been flown from Oman to the UK and back again. She is a keen practitioner of Yoga since 1998, and regularly instructs yoga classes. When Jenni is not teaching art and drama at the local primary school, teaching yoga, creating paintings / sketching, walking her dog or running her home you can sometimes catch her singing in a rock band - 123 Orion.

Jenni believes it's important to be authentic and true to herself. By following her dreams and guidance Jenni feels she is equipped with her very own GPS to a wonderful life!

1985 -1987 - Wigan College of Technology - B/Tec in General Art and Design.
1988-1991 - Liverpool University BA (Hons) combined Degree- Fine Art and Drama.
2003 - Began painting again professionally.
Since 2003, her work has gained in popularity, and she has sold or provided many paintings to prominent people all over the world. Her Artistic journey is in it's early stages of development, making it an ideal investment opportunity.