Those ups and downs, trials and tribulations you are experiencing right now are supposed to enlighten you.... they are supposed to instill wisdom in you.

Yet you won’t become wise merely by going through a lot, but rather by your willingness to be taught by those occurrences. You need to be teachable for experiences to teach you.

Be receptive to the lessons from your mistakes and they will turn into enlightening experiences. Become reluctant to learn from your experiences and they will become nothing but mistakes.

“Experience is not the many things that happen to you; it is what you have learned from what has happened.” ~Andres Lara


1-What’s the Lesson: Every time something happens that is not to your liking ask yourself “what’s the lesson that life is trying to teach me?” Make a point to come up with at least 5 answers.

2-Brainstorm w/ your lessons: If you conclude, for instance, that life is trying to teach you about money. Your conclusion now needs to be put into possible actions you must take. Jot down on paper possible things you can do. Example... a.) Read a couple of books on saving. b.) Attend a seminar on investing. c.) Search for mentors, etc.

3-Break Inertia. It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you have too many things to do and you don’t know where to start. A good place to start is on the smallest possible action. This will make acting on it easy and comfortable. It will also break the inertia and develop momentum.

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Homeless at 16...Millionaire at 26. Andres is the author of the book “Inspire The Sleeping Giant Within” which is published in Korea, Africa, and USA. His second book “How To Stay Motivated During Difficult Times” is also an international success. For more information visit