If you’ve been through a lot, and you just want to break free and let it go so you can move forward, you can actually do that. There are some circumstances in life that are inevitable, and you can’t do anything to stop that from happening but what you can do though is to gather yourself together and work on your life. It’s okay to cry and dwell with it for sometime because we are all entitled to feel the loss or suffering but continuously doing it will never make your life good or bring back someone or something you’ve already lost. Now, you need to face a new chapter in your life and make a conscious effort to think positive. And when you are optimistic, all good things will come. Conscious discipline is the key to enrich your life, making your life more worth it.

We all have choices. You have the choice to prolong your agony or move on. We can actually choose what we want to feel. It is our attitude that makes us feel happy or sad. It is easy to say this thing. However, it is useful. We will all have a share of fall in our life, but if we chose to keep it that way, then you’ll end up in misery and will never get back to it. It is your decision to stand up and keep thinking of all good things that can possibly happen in your life. Don’t make room for any unhappy events. Its okay to dwell but don’t over dwell.

There are happenings or responses in our daily actions or activities that we may not like the outcome or the result don’t make it influence your mood or thinking. Your mind is power, and it can be brilliant if you fully use it by positive thinking. Instead of dwelling more on what hurts you the most dwell on the happy moments. When we let our emotions capture our mind, we will be held captive by it thus we let sadness, and negativity comes in.

It is a given fact that through life, we will experience various circumstances, but we always have a choice not to let them affect our reactions and feelings. You need to concentrate on thinking positive of how you look at things. Always look for the bright side. Control your mind to think only of positive things. Instead of creating another problem to a problem, focus on getting right solutions. If all you hear is noise and chaos, stop for awhile and listen to inspiring uplifting music or watch relaxing videos that will sooth through your soul. When terrible things happen, don’t watch dramatic or sentimental movies that will make you more down rather watch funny movies to make you laugh.

Furthermore, read life changing articles or books. Be careful with your thoughts. When your mind drives you to think negative thoughts control it by thinking of beautiful things. Do something good for yourself every day. Share your happiness. Make someone happy. Never expect pain but only happiness. Be happy with other people’s happiness. Be with positive people. If you are in the middle of something and you didn’t like the turn out of that, then just stay away and disconnect yourself from that. And most of all don’t forget to smile frequently. It is the conscious disciple that will motivate us to enrich our lives more.

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