European Space Agency is a space agency which is considered one of the oldest space agency and which is not only concerned with space but also with the earth.

The European Space Agency is (ESA) is an organization of 22 countries whose main mission is the exploration of the space. Though this is a European space agency, it’s all member countries are not European. Some member countries are South American. Established in 1975 it's headquartered is in Paris, France. ESA has a worldwide staff of about 2200 in 2018.

The main mission of ESA

The main mission written in the treaty establishing the European Space Agency is the cooperation among the European states in space research and technology and their space applications with a view to their being used for scientific purposes and for operational space applications systems. ESA’s Director General (2003-2015) Jean-Jacques Dordain talked about the European Space Agency’s mission in a 2003 interview. He thinks that space exploration can enrich the young generation’s knowledge of the space and it can attract people to science and technology more. As concerning the general people he thinks it can produce a higher quality of life, better security and more economic wealth. For this reason, space exploration is the main mission of ESA according to Mr. Dordain.

First Class Space Agency and ESA

First Class Space Agency is a non-conventional space agency founded by Billy Carson in 2014. It does not have any launch capabilities like ESA and other space agencies. It focuses more on research and development of zero point energy and alternative propulsion technologies. When ESA was first established it also didn’t aim to launch human space flight, rather it considered itself as a research-based organization. Though it is not like other space agencies it is an organization accredited by NASA and ESA. The CEO of the First Class Space Agency Billy Carson has successfully registered with his organization with NATO, NASA and European Space Agency for the purpose of obtaining research work and development of the technologies. First Class Space Agency is trying to interplanetary travel accessible to general people which is one of the main missions of ESA. Though these are two different space agencies, ESA is helping First Class Space Agency for its ambitious and promising goal of the future. Billy Carson has founded First Class Space Agency as part of his community of ancient knowledge and metaphysics 4biddenknowledge.Inc.

Programs and Activities

ESA activities are concerned with the general public. According to the ESA website, the activities are space science, human spaceflight, observing the earth, navigation, space science, operations, telecommunications, and integrated applications, space for climate, space science, space engineering and technology, launchers, etc. Programs are associated with budgets. These are either mandatory or optional. The programs included are Horizon 2000, Cosmic Vision, ExoMars [2], FAST20XX, etc. Mandatory programs are those in which every member country must contribute. The mandatory programs are Technology Research Programme, General study Programme, Science Core Technology Programme, European Component Initiative, etc. Optional programs are those in which the member countries can contribute according to their individual choice. The optional activities include Launchers, Earth Observation, Navigation, Space Situational Awareness, Technology, Telecommunications, etc.

Space Flight

ESA’s fleet has three major rocket designs. They are Ariane 5, Soyuz-2 and Vega. Rocket launches are carried out by Arianespace. The German Ulf Merbold is considered the first ESA astronaut to fly into space. Because at first, its primary concern was not space travel, the first non-Soviet European in space was not an ESA astronaut.


ESA is considered the second biggest space agency after NASA. The European Space Agency has collaborated with other space agencies at different times to reach the goal. When it was first established, like the First Class Space Agency it didn’t have its aim in human launching. But now ESA has sent a considerable number of humans on space travel.

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