Shukr is golden value defined in the Holy Book of Islam in order to get a positive approach and lasting peace of mind. Shukr means we must thank and pay gratitude to Allah Almighty for whatever He has bestowed us. According to an approved hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said, The situation of a true Muslim is exceptional. Whatever Allah chooses for him is finest for him. If he gets into trouble, he shows patience and faith in Allah Almighty, which is in his favor. If he is sanctified with contentment, he shows gratitude to Allah Almighty, which is also valuable for him. Only the true faithful are awarded with this internal gratification and comfort. Strange are the traditions of man. He gets the flavor of death every night when he sleeps, not knowing whether he will arise again or not, but he does not pursue Allah's clemency before going to slumber.
Allah Almighty gives him a novel life every morning, but he does not show gratitude to Him for this opportunity. Then after that He makes you get up from this death-like condition, so as to complete the time intended for you. Lastly, you will be pay back to Him. Then will He display you the fact of all that you executed. Allah Almighty continuously supports those who are thankful to Him. In the early phases of Islam, Muslims were a minor group in Makkah, hated and excluded, living in a condition of anxiety, mistreated and banished. In spite of all their problems, they were thankful to Allah Almighty. Then Allah Almighty provided them a benign asylum in Medina. They found supports and coworkers, and at distance they assembled strength, enough to overthrow the forces of godlessness, unfairness and domination. In this way we can also realize Rights of Minorities In Islamic State .The important query is: why are Muslims of nowadays not receiving similar assistance from Allah Almighty? Possibly because they have overlooked the basic belief of self-control, lenience and of being thankful to Allah Almighty. This example applies to every people in some procedure or the other.
His mystical life commences modestly; he is loathed and perhaps mistreated. He agonizes impermanent wounded and hindrances, but if he remains unwavering and thankful to Almighty Allah, then He gives him potency and he is continued until his highest mystical needs are satisfied. We have a propensity of becoming unappreciative and disobedient even if minor disasters befall us. We must overcome this propensity and show gratitude Almighty Allah at all periods, if we wish to obtain His assistance and consecrations.
We must reminisce that no human being can be our supplier of nourishment. No man can give us anything that Allah Almighty has not intended for us and no person can stop from approaching to us, what Almighty Allah has intended for us. In opinion of the divine supervision it becomes quite strong that if we appeal to lead a healthy and wealthy life, with comprehensive peace of mind, we must shun the sicknesses of greed, greed, jealousy and protectiveness.

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