Indispensible to Self Improvement is Motivation.
To propel any object forward a force has to act upon it: This is a law of physics. The energy contained in the object will not move itself.
It’s much the same with maintaining motivation in your self improvement
course. You need energy to push forward in your pursuits. That energy is called Motivation and there are essential ingredients you will need to create that motivation. We’ll discuss a few of these here.

1. Inspiration

Inspiration is critical to staying motivated to do anything and is an essential
ingredient to in Self-Improvement. Inspiration is a level of interest that exceeds your normal everyday expression. If you have no inspiration, you’ll find it hard to maintain your level of interest in anything. Inspiration is the spark that ignites our motivation, much like a charge ignites a battery.
It good, now and again, to take a look at your inspiration level, in all areas of your life. How about your job? Do you like your work? Is it interesting”?
All days are not super inspirational but, on a whole are you satisfied with what you’re doing? Inspiration dwells in all of us. It’s just important to find out what DOES inspire us. If we are in a job where we have no interest, is there something we can do to refresh our inspiration in it? Sometimes that’s all we need to do. If we really don’t like our work at all, it’s becomes a stressful chore. If that’s the case, think about changing your job. Before you do, make sure you find out what DOES inspire you. When we think of the word “inspire” we think of passion. Find something you care about, something you’re good at, and something that makes you passionate when doing it. Needless to say, we need passion when it comes to Self Improvement and we need to maintain that passion in any way we can in order to reach our goals.

2. Goal Setting

So, how do we assess our goals? By taking a hard look at the progress we’re making and knowing in which direction we need to go.
All of us have short term goals. A short term goal would be, lets say, to get Ion the business arena; a short term goal might be, to finish our book work before the month is out.
Long term Goals are what we want at the finish line. It’s the direction we’re taking each day to attain what it is we want in the long run.
Goals should take a lot of thought and self assessment. If we don’t know what we want out of our business, for example, how can we possibly set any?
goals for ourselves?
It useful to keep 2 notebooks: One for short term goals and another for long term goals. Short term is what you do daily, like a to do list of things needed to run your business. Things you must do the keep it open and prosperous. Your short term goals contribute to your long term goals but they are not the same in scope. These are Mini Goals that can be accomplished in a shorter length of time, but they can still be gratifying.
Your long term notebook should be compiled when you’re relaxed, thinking about what you want to accomplish, what would make you happy as a final result. It may be you simply want to make more money. But the secret to long term goals is listing all the steps you’ll need to take to get to that goal.
Long term goals must be specific, in the sense that you’ll list certain things you can do to make more money, for one thing. You also should try to determine how much more money you want to make. This is called “Goal Specification.”
It’s important that you actually put your goals into writing, so you can refer back to that goal when things may not be going as well as you like. Seeing that finish line, that goal achieved will inspire you to continue on towards it.

3. Networking

Often overlooked as a motivator is Networking. Networking involves contributing to other people’s success. This happens when a number of business decide to work together and share information.
Working alone is like living alone. You get lonely. Not only that, but you rob yourself of social interaction and new ideas that may help you in setting more goals or accomplishing one you have at present.
Never underestimate the power of learning from other people.
Sharing and improve your out look as well as your business. ideas with like minded people will recharge your batteries and you’ll find yourself with more motivation too.

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