When it comes to building muscle, more and faster is pretty much what most weight lifters want. The additional self-confidence, good health and respect that can be gained from having a more muscular physique is always well worth the effort. So with that in mind here are three great tips to build muscle up fast:

1) Train for one hour or less. Training for more than this moves the body towards a hormonal state more favourable to the destruction of muscle mass. Workouts of under an hour ensure that the body stays in an anabolic state throughout the workout. If your workout is too long then you could actually be decreasing their size not increasing. Ensure that it is intense but less than 60 minutes.

2) Judge the timing of your protein consumption. The best times to consume protein are immediately after training, just before bed and immediately on waking. These are the most important moments for your muscle to have protein available to them in ample quantities. Just after training your muscles have been broken down and protein is needed to repair them. At night time your body is doing most of its growing and so it is crucial it has an adequate supply of protein available to do just that. excellent sources of protein are foods such as lean white meats, tuna and milk.

3) Make sure you are organised. Arrange workouts with a training partner for to increase and maintain your motivation and ensure your safety. These couple of simple tips can certainly help keep you focused even on days when you really do not fancy heading down to the gym. It may possibly be the difference between the success or failure of your muscle building efforts in the long run. Your motivation will also be kept higher if you add a little variety to your program as opposed to doing the same thing over and over again. Try alternative exercises like barbells instead of dumbbells, inclines instead of declines even small variations like this can keep the interest and challenge going for longer.

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