What did you add to your eulogy today? This week? This month? This year?

Yes, you are writing your eulogy every day. Writing it based on what you do and what you don’t do. It’s what is not done that upsets us the most. It’s the what we could have done, could have been, could have, had, had we made the effort, had we started, had we had the courage.

Fear is the problem. Fear of failure. Fear of ridicule. Fear of making a mistake.

In addition to writing your obituary, you should also write your eulogy.

Who will speak? Family? Friends? Business associates? Someone you mentored? Someone you helped? Someone who worked for you?

What will they have to say? Accomplishments? How you taught them? How you made the world a better place? How you motivated them? How you lead by example? How you turned adversity into a plus? How you grew?

Will they have to make something up? Will they have to avoid your faults, or will they honor them? Will they be able to tell the truth?

Who will come and listen to the eulogy? Will they be there for you, out of respect for your life, how you lived, and how you interacted with them? Or, just for your family?

Your eulogy is the verbal report card of your life. It makes you think of how you want to be remembered. Will it be an enjoyable and informative review? Will you be proud and will your family be proud?

Make a list of those who might speak and what they will say. Include an enemy or two and what they will say.

Today, is there someone who might get up and share all the things you wanted to do, all the things you were going to do that you never accomplished? If you die at an early age, that is more understandable. If you are fifty or older, there is no excuse for not having worked on those items.

Most are dissatisfied with their eulogy. Good. That’s a great start. May that dissatisfaction spur you to action. Action today.

Today, look at those things you have wanted to do and have yet to do. Start today. Commit to the list. Put it in writing and the date you will do it. Then take some action, today, on the item that you will start with.

Starting might be as simple as starting research or finding a course. It might be working on the business plan or finding the plans for the boat you always wanted to build.

It might be joining certain groups. It might be starting your own business. Start the work while still employed and then, when ready, go full time. You can start a business today before you leave your current job.

Ideally, we’ll realize each day is a gift to be lived to the fullest. Each day is an opportunity and a clean slate on which we will write something.

Use your eulogy to spur you to action and accomplishment. The only fear should be a boring empty eulogy. Create the eulogy you’ll be proud of having lived.

Author's Bio: 

Russell R. Shippee (b. 1949), an author, speaker, and coach. Russell enables and empowers people to be the best they can be in order to live the life they desire. His book, “Our Journey is Our Work - Creating My Obituary” as well as his eworkbook “Living My Life on Purpose” provides insight so others can change from the expected to the desired. Go to www.bethebestyoucanbe.net to learn more of his history, accomplishments, and services.