We are all every day Guru’s because every day we ALL learn a little bit more about ourselves and the world we live in. There are no experts and I would challenge anyone to stand up and say they “know it all”. What we know is what is contained in our world and at any moment our reality could be challenged and our world view could change. Remember every one in the world at one stage thought the world was flat!
As every day Guru’s we have to be open to adapting and changing our beliefs and positions when new knowledge and experiences are presented to us. We need to have open hearts and open minds.
Every day Guru’s look at every one who enters their life as carrying a lesson to be learnt. And they thank those who leave their lives for the blessing of this lesson. Every day Guru’s do not walk with ego but with humility knowing every one of us has a lesson waiting just around the corner no matter how much knowledge we possess (or think we possess).
There are no experts simply people with knowledge to be shared. And this knowledge is based on THEIR truth so every day Guru’s have to adapt it, take what fits and throw away what doesn’t fit.
Because knowledge is not a one size fits all commodity
And the last thing I will leave you to contemplate is this - the greatest challenge in being an every day Guru lies in knowing success is not measured by anything but the degree of happiness and fulfillment you feel within.

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In order to build something you will need tools, which ones that is for you to discover and explore.
I do know that you might have to try a few things before you find what works for you. What I can do is give you some tools to explore.

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