COVID-19 is a passageway to the "Other Side." It is an entryway to the New World. No one is immune, though it may appear that way to those who have not been affected by or infected with the virus yet. What matters is how much one will fight through the transition once they are affected or infected with and by the virus. It will affect every single person on earth, whether you are infected with it or you know someone who has been infected with it. Everyone on earth will have the experience of COVID-19 in some form or another. Mankind no longer has any say so on what happens. Everything that is currently happening in the world at present, is completely out of the hands of mankind now. The Divine has taken over. The watchers are watching.

Once you have been affected with or infected by the virus in some form, I assure you that your whole entire life will began to transform. Which direction your life ultimately ends up going is solely up to you. You will change or you will perish. Your new normal is now going to be figuring out how to adjust to the new atmosphere, the new world, the new age. The Scriptures states, "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away...." This type of event is new to you. It is not new to God. This type of "end of the age" occurrence has happened over and over again. It has happened every 400 years. This is a true Act of God and Nature. God uses mankind to bring about the changes. At the end of each age and the beginning of a new age, there is always devastation and destruction. Mankind may think he created the whole idea of what is going on in the world at present. He would be very wrong to think such thoughts. As I stated earlier, God uses mankind to bring about changes. It is because of The Most High that mankind can create or develop anything. Mankind could never do anything on his own. It is the Holy Spirit whom orchestrates ALL.

The world has changed. The air is different. Everything in nature is transforming. If you are not transforming and transitioning with Nature during this crucial time, you will be adversely affected by COVID-19. Your experience will be a very difficult one. If you go with the flow of Nature and not against everything that Nature stands for, even if you are infected with or affected by the virus, you will have a chance of survival. Everything in the physical world, existed spiritually first. What appears as a virus in the physical world, has already been experienced as something else and conquered in the spiritual world. The World of Spirit is now watching and observing the physical world to see who is worthy for selection into the New World as the "survival of the fittest." This is true "Natural Selection." Only the pure in heart can enter the New Kingdom. What have you done lately to earn your place?

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Dr. Monica M. Burns, PhD Is A Spiritual Counselor.